Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy birthday to sweetpeaxxxxxxxx


A CAKE WITH LOVE ALL THE WAY FROM ENGLAND AND A LITTLE GIFT OF YOUR DREAM IS HERE FOR YOU TOO>>>>>>>>>............................................


U.Lee said...

Hello Pearly, Happy birthday to Sweetpea too, wait a minute, who is sweetpea? Sexy young lady?
Ha ha.
Watch out for buses, Pearly. I really love reading how the buses hit you, chabut play hide and seek, arhaaa ha ha.
Keep well Pearly. UL.

Sweetpea said...

thanks so much pearly!! muah muah muaah!! how i wish the cake is real, it's so beautiful! and u know i like a little puppy huh? you are so 'sai sam'.... lup lup lup you!!! i wish the puppy is realy too :)

PEARLY said...

hi dear uncle lee:
thank for drop by , sori been busy the pass whole week try to help derek to fligh a cour cause V our local coucil about our home pipe problem whick cost few years problem now had none and we won the cause and the coucil got to pay back and fix the problem we had , will let every baby know soon where I had the time to sit down to think where to start ok promise .
sweetpeas is a very lovely and sexy mummy you can check it out from my kaypo link .
will keep you in touch soon have a lovely day xxxx

hi dear sweetpeas

you are very welcome , see I do read your blog very carefully cos I do know you wish to have a puppy hahahahhha.
have a lovely day xxxxxx TC

U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, ohhh, you had a court case, huh? And won. Jolly good show that!
Ohh, "Sweetpea" is a lovely, sexy mom? Ahhh, okay I must go take a kay poh peep.
You keep well Pearly and watch out for buses, ha ha. UL.

Sweetpea said...

u.lee only took one kaypoh peek and was outta there :P didn't see him since...double :P