Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sori """" been very busy with lot of thing

I have been very busy tidy up our home cos get ready for some student from china to stay with us for 2 week , we will look after them 3 meal a Day and give them a room to sleep make sure there been looking after as like a oversea mum for them. last year I had a young boy stay with us , he think he is very lucky to stay with us compare with his friend, cos lot of them go to a English family only feed by chicken nudge and chip or salad or all kind of cheap English food but with us, I cook him Chinese meal noodle to Chinese diner all kind also bring him out for Chinese diner too, also he had giving lot of fruit and veg , he is a very greatful and he even take more fruit to school with him to give to his friend who had not much in their lunch box ahhahaha , when he went home he tell his mummy I been so kind to him and his mum send me lot of gift from china make me very surprise cos I don't expc just I get pay £78 pound a week to look after him but this year we get pay £91 per week per student and I got 2 girl coming over one 12 and one 14 just the same age as my Stephi she really look forward to meet them she say she can teach them English and there teach her Chinese bless her .

BUT now look at my home so messy every way from room to room with lot of thing and I must clear up a nice clear room for them to stay cos normally I only take one kids but the agency ppl say can I take 2 cos this 2 girl wat to be together , so I need some ££ so I can save up to see my babe sis and the baby I take lor £££££££ wor right


U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, wow! I'm first in. WhoooHooo! My lucky day.
Hey, this is something new to me, like romancing the taking in boarders.
Wa, 98 pounds! Thats, wait I scratch my head, hmmmm...
ahh about Cdn $225. Not bad, not bad. 3 or 4 students can not only balek kampong, but go Hawaii with your Derek 2nd honeymoon, ha ha.
I can imagine the students very happy stay your place, ada your expert gourmet cooking. Wa, you and Wen Wen both can cook so well...
Ya, also your kids can learn Chinese too.
By the way Pearly, do you specifically ask for Chinese or like Internet romancing, no see card first, ha ha?
Can I come over help you clean up, no charge, only get your cookies, kow tim. UL.

PEARLY said...

Hi uncle Lee :
Sure as I say be4 you are always welcome la , don't even need to do any clear up how can I ask a gues to do work for me ler ......

will bake anything you like cook you any kind of diner you wish ok no change too , heheheh.
no la I didn't ask any race student ,but lately lot of rich kids from china like to come over for holiday plus learning english that why we all end up with lot of chinese kids lor .
never mind don't care wat kids as long as ££ comming I can save up to back kampung I am very happy xxxPL

U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, this is my wife's own recipie. I love this cake, her friends too. I am sure you will love it too. Try it when you have time and send me a telegram, ha ha. UL.
I collect a lot of cake recipies for my wife as well Nyonya food dishes.
Don't hesitate to ask me and I will give you. UL.

SUGEE Cake Recipie.
(Sugee is a coarse, grainy flour unlike white flour. More like fine breadcrumbs. Available in Indian shops.)
1 lb. butter
1 lb. sugar
8 eggs
2 teasp vanilla
1/2 lb sugee
1/2 lb self raising flour
4 teasp Brandy
1/2 teasp rose essence

1/ Dry sugee in sun a day before,
2/ cream sugee with 1/2 lb. butter overnight.
3/ cream 1/2 lb. butter and sugar, add eggs 1 at a time.
4/ Add sugee / butter mixture....beat for 10 minutes.
5/ Mix in flour and flavorings.
6/ Bake in moderate oven (325'f) for 1 hour.
If you like, can add some chopped black raisins and preserved melon to batter.

PEARLY said...

many thank Uncle lee I will try to get this sugee cos will ask one of my india friend .
if I bake it and come out good will tele internet you .
thank have a lovely sunday , here we have lot of rain terrible .

janicepa said...

how can the 2 gurls fit in 1 room ??

which room are they goin to stay in ??

hm.. i sure hope to see you all soon !!...

PEARLY said...

hi darling babe jan:

the 2 china gurl will be sleeping in the 2 boy room oliver say he will sleep on the floor with steph room cos he need the alam clock to get up , and brandon will sleep in the room you use to have lor , even now brandon sleep in 2 room anyway , that why the boy room must tidy up lor .xxxx

janicepa said...

WAT ?? oliver sleep on the floor ?

oliver can sleep with brandon mah ..

or u can buy a matress for oliver to sleep lah ..

how can he sleep on the floor for 6 mths

PEARLY said...

no we do have matress , oliver sleep on the matree on for 2 week only

brandon wated to sleep on the spare room you in be4 xxx how are you gettin gon now . will call you weekend ok take care xxx