Saturday, June 09, 2007

Look wat derek bring back for me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Well I am so surprise I got a few present from Derek from Albany new york , well he don't have a easy return get stock at Toronto cos the storm so plan delay for an hour and half , poor thing arrive at Heathrow and let those stupid ppl point to the wrong bus stop to catch a coach to get his car , suppose get back by 11.30am end up arrive home nearly 2pm wat a long day , he bought lot of thing back for the kids , there so happy to see daddy home myself too ,really relies to have him back home .
make him a toasted ham and salad sandwich and juice, he had a rest seem happy to be back. NO WHERE LIKE HOME . hahahhaha
Many thank my dear for bring me all those lovely gift xxxxxxx


nyonyapenang said...

wow....that's a very lovely crystal mermaid. you collect crystals?

and 2 bottles of fragrances for a beautiful wife and many pressies for all at home. i am sure your hubby is so glad he is finally back into the loving arms of his wife and kids.

have a nice day.

PEARLY said...

HI dear :
yes I have collect crystals for years , I love them very much .
he is so glad to be back home , he is now sleep like a baby just after his lunch . I just post this you already on the net .
thank again .xxxx
I about to go to you blog to read xxxxxx

U.Lee said...

Hello Pearly, You have a very loving and thoughtful hubby. Treasure him always.
Hard to find a hubby like that. UL.
ps, I love crystals too, got a few hanging on my window to catch the sunlight, beautiful. UL.

PEARLY said...

hi uncle lee :
gud afternoon to you just went and kaypo at you blog to read more old post , dream you had is really all ppl dream car home , wow .
yes I know he is a very gud hubby and daddy , he always spoil us even I told him I don't need anything .
I love crystals I have collent a few , most of them is from derek anyway ,
I have also hang a few at my door and window for fung shui , hahahhaha.
have leave a few messenge for you on you blog
have a lovely sat pearly

PEARLY said...

uncle lee
gud afternoon to you ,yes I know he is a very loving and caring daddy and hubby , he always spoil us , all my crytals have collent many year mostly from derek , I have hang a few on my window and door too for the fung shui , hahhahahah vry kaypo huh .
thank for drop by

janicepa said...

hm.. one more display for ur cabinet liao ..

wat did the kids got ??

scarxxx said...

wah.. jie, got a lovely present.. must be flying high in the sky liao lo... kekeke...

PEARLY said...

hi jan :
the two boy go a DS game lor and A set of Americal BAseball kit there really enjoy playing with it at the back of our field ., ya la now got one more to display for my cabinet
this one is very big one too heheheh.

hi wei brother :
yes la lucky me ler ,when he ask want I want I told him Don't want anything got most of the thing already . so he surprise me hahahah.
I am glad he is safely back s more important then those present la.

thank for drop by brother .
xxxxpearly jiexxx

SixzFun* said...

your hubby so lovely and caring......actually wat a women needs is just so simple...a lovely and caring hubby then we will be very very happy already...but of course his heart must not have other women la...

PEARLY said...

hi dear grace :
my hubby got 3 women in his life he love the most Mummy me and steph hahahahh
he is a gud hubby and dad , I am glad to have him that why I always cook food to keep him full .
keep your hubby happy with food will stay foreven hahah

SixzFun* said...

true pearly! keep ur men happy with nice food...

PEARLY said...

hahah so you must now learn to cook too off and on show off to your darling to tell him not only he can cook you can too hehehehe
have a nice day xxxxxx