Saturday, June 02, 2007


My MUM .................This morning I wake up lying in bed and thinking of my mum and dad and thinking about Janice blog about our dad, it make me wanted to talk about my very dear mum today .
My mum is a very kind
caring mum , sister and friend ,she don't have a very happy and fun childhood as far as I know , she born in a family of 2 Brothers and 3 sisters one dad and mum and < should I say stepmum or aunty > and few more auntie someway .
Becos of my grandfather is such a play boy , he spend most of his money to all those women and no money to the real wife to look after all the kids , my grand mum is a very lovely women and kind person in the whole world just like my mum , only my grand mum is more happy go lucky , even when she's sad, she will still keep everyone happy.
come back to my mum , she been giving away to my grand mum sister to be a little helper plus little daughter in law .
cos my grand mum can't afford to look after all the kids, so sad she got to let my mum stay with her sister , but she wasn't a nice aunt even is by blood , she treat my mum just like the Cinderella story do all the house work and serve all her kids,just for roof on her and can have change to go school .
becos aunt don't treat her well , keep on saying she must work hard becos she had sold to be her little DIL , one day my mum run aways from that horrible home and went to stay with her dad and the step mum < she is not a very kind of heart person ,she try my mu just like her aunt too .
so sometime goes by , my mum grown up and went back to stay with her mum , got a JOB which working for my dad in a cafe park , then the 2 of them in love and have a love child < IS CALL PEARLY > then 10 ten lated WENDY pop out then 15 years lated JANICE pop out too.
during my mum working for my dad , she save every penny she earn and give it to her mum to help the family also any other saving she will put a side don't even know how to spend it ,her 2 brother will come and ask her for same and she will be very happy to give it to them < that why until today my 2 dear uncle teoh love my mum so much becos she always care for them .
BECOS OF ME my mum and dad get marry , after wedding she had inherit the LOOI family of 12 brother and sister and a pair of IN LAW , no joke huh ......everyone will hand up to my mum and dad for food and money , my dad also work as a journal in NAM YOUNG pepper ,my parent own Aquarium shop, so can keep the whole family running , by then you must thougth she will have a good life then , oh NO , the Looi family member don't treat her well altougth she is the one put the food on the table , she non stop working and feed the family same time she will also try o keep some money a side for her mum , I grown up seeing her bully by my uncle and aunt and my grand MUM LOOI , kind of sad for her , this picture stay with me forever even today , sometime I think of it , it make me sad and hated those ppl who treat her badly , she care and look after everyone and the return is everyone think she is a bitch ,< have to say years goes by ,Today the Looi family member don't treat her like this anymore do treat her with respect.
so that goes on for years until all my uncle grown up have there family and there life and don't stay with us < thank god > but then you might think well she had done her job now she should have a comfortable life......oh no all those uncle get scroll up there will come to ask my mum to give them a helping hand , even there have their family , there can't even have money to feed their own kids < this don't work in EURO > I am glad I don't have to go through this ..
my mum work ,work, save, save never enjoy her life it should be until we all grown up now can give her a good life , becos she over hard working all through her life , she have had high blood pressure and Diabetes and lot more ...... and now she lost one of her eye sigh and problem with walking , she can't walk too far and can't see well, so she can't be able to travel so far , I have got 3 beautiful grandchildren for her but she can't come to stay with us , only can see her grandchild when we can afford to go back to pay her a visit .
Here by I wanted to say I am so sorry I have gone so far away from her and can't be so close to her , the only personal who looking after her is our beloved sister Janice , MANY THANK TO YOU xxxxx Janice .


janicepa said...

wahh... i din really know the FULL story of mom ler... until now wor..

pearly said...

now you know la should love her more more more .

pearly said...

this morning just leave you a shot mesenge .
YOu dont know becos you never pull your ear up to lister , now you know why I don't like the aunty in IPOH want too bad she had pass aways now also I never like the steph mum of mum too she is a real bitch . she even do lot of humr ro our poohpooh I can't never forgive her even she had drop die now .
anyway if you want to know more try to talk to your own mom la please .xxxxx

SixzFun* said...

so sad story of ur mum... ur mum really "wai dai"....

PEARLY said...

yes my mum is a great mum . I hope janice will pay more attention to her then herself .

janicepa said...

wat ???
wat you mean pay more attention to her then herself ??

m i not doin good ?? if yes.. thn i have nothing to say ler...

PEARLY said...

I mean you shoud talk to her more , if you have been talk to her you will have know all this wat she had gone throught her life my dear .
I didn't say you don't look after her or don't take care of her , a mum need a daughter to mum talk cos she find the two daughter only can talk to other ppl not to her , she find is not close to her don't you get that?

wateve la I don't want to say too much laxxxx