Wednesday, June 27, 2007

SOri ........ No action;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

SORRY ..........No news from me , Not been feeling very well , so tire when to bed very early
just try to hoop around blog but too tire to make my very own post but will be back
JT I went to your blog and send you my recipe of OFG but it didn't show on your blog ,anyway don't worry I will re post it to you soon ok , also I can't get into you e mail may be you can send me you e mail addres to me ,if that ok to you . for the meantime everyone just take care I will be back soon . cheer up everyone miss all of you so much .xxxxxx


Sweetpea said...

u feeling better now i hope? and all i can say is WOW! so many postings all of the sudden!

SixzFun* said...

take care pearly...have a good rest then only come back to blog post more of ur yummy yummy food...:-)

PEARLY said...

dear sweetpea

thank for pop over , TQ TQ I will be fine soon as long as have some rest .
oh yes during weekend clear up the whole and find lot of picture so start post lor.

hi darling grance :

I will TQ TQ will have a good rest and make yummy food for you ok , at the mean time if you hear any news from JAN please send me a messange let me know ok thank xxxxxx

J.T. said...

Hi Pearly

So sorry about that recipe thing. I was not sure if you wanted your email address exposed in my blog. So I copied the recipe over to my file and deleted the comment. A thousand apologies for assuming. I was just trying to protect your privacy. I emailed you about why your comment was not posted.
I have released the new comment you put together with the recipe.

Thanks a million, Pearly. I really appreciate it. I miss eating that OFG. I will try making it soon and let you know how it came out. Been busy the past few days.

My email address is

You take care of yourself, ok? Take your rest and feel refreshed. My thoughts are with you. Thanks once again for taking the trouble to post that recipe twice. So thoughtful of you. You're a gem. :)

U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, sorry you not feeling good. Ya, go have a break, forget blogging awhile. We will still be here waiting for your fresh return, batteries all charged up.
I guess its the warm weather.
Here its so hot, but lucky not humid, can't wait for winter to come.
Pearly, you take it easy, okay. UL.

janicepa said...

dun worry lah .. i will let you know if i already pao char lah ..

wat make u think tht grace wud know the news first ?? come on !!!

u are my sister... Kek 9 sei Me lar...

SixzFun* said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA....TRUE LA.... JAN OF COURSE WILL LET YOU KNOW BEFORE 1 KNOW MA....REALLY KEK SEI HER LA..... :-)anyway my email is my mobile +6012 254 8118

PEARLY said...

hi dear JT :
sori about all the trouble , hope the recipe is ok for you . let me know is that ok for you .

dear uncle lee
thank for drop by , will chil up and will be back

hi dear Jan I will keep my mobile so close to me to wait for the gud news ok you P9S asking when your BB pop ler .

hi dear grance got all the number will make sure contant you when I am back and you must bring me to that thai restrant ok .
each time I saw all those food you order I am very hungry ler .

love you all


nyonyapenang said...

have a good rest, pearly and then come back with extra power.

take care and have a great weekend. :)

winniethepooh said...

hi pearly,

saw your comments on Uncle lee and j.t., hv a good rest

take care

PEARLY said...

TQ TQ to winniethepooh
I will get good rest many thank for drop by .xxxx