Friday, June 15, 2007

MY DAD he is a super cool dad

The above picture is around 15 years ago. Me and Derek bring my parent to Paris have a romantic trips , look my cool dad with his cowboy hat . oh boy! still very handsome right ?

look at the pair of them at the so romantic my dad is very cool, he just a men Happy go luck, nothing much will worry him ,the only thing he get worry is when all the 3 girl are not happy .
we love our dad very much , he is a personal when we sad ,we will go and talk to him , he will always clam us down .

I remember when I was young my dad always bring me go every way from fishing to hunting . he teach all kind of boy thing cos I am the only child in the family for 10 years . there have no son , so my dad always treat me as a boy , so I learn lot from him that make me so independent today .
I am very thankful to my dad , I will spoil my dad no other tomorrow if I can . he love his pipe , when I was in Holland I attend the Daviddeff class I know he love to Collen his pipe, so I bought him the pipe , but he so funny he say to me is too expensive not going to use it , keep it one day I can give it to my grandchild hahahahha.

here is Jan link you can go to visit cos , she talk a bit story of my dad funny staff .

Here I wish to say xxxxxxxxxxxThank dad we love you and HAPPY FATHER DAY xxxxxxx


nyonyapenang said...

you 3 sisters sure have a wonderful set of cool dad and one lovely mom.

happy father's day to all dads!

PEARLY said...

TQ TQ Nyonyapeng ,

hope you also have a love day too .


janicepa said...

those pictures are so cool !!..
i love it !!!
do u hv more ??