Monday, June 04, 2007

monday I hate monday

Wake up this morning , missing something cos normally I got to get ready breakfast for Derek and get pack lunch done up for kids to school but then Derek is not around so just do the pack lunch , drop kids off to school and went into tesco and do some shopping for work to special gluter free kids for snack , back to work the whole dam kitchen is a mess I nearly wanted to kill someone , really piss off I leave with a clear place and get into a mess , then I Lister to some clam music to clam myself or els I will short someone ,
finish by around 3,15pm went in to check the baby room ,one of the new baby is half Chinese and half India was non stop cry ,my work mate say to me please pearly can you help me this baby been non stop cry since arrive . so I went over the Little Jason saw me,he put his hand up to me want me to give him a cuddle so I did , he stop cry that min , I keep telling him sayang oh baby ,he had a big smile on his face , I guess he thougth ,,,,, hi we are one of the kids or ... mummy < oh mygod > my work mate say pearly we change job you stay in here with the little one I come in to cook for you , ...... oh no thank I reply , I don't mind 10 min with kids more it will drive me nut ...hahha ,little angel name Jason he saw me leave he started to cry again ,oh dear , I stay and wait until he didn't notion and walk out the room cos I am lated to pick up steph from school , when I walk to the car park I can still hear the poor little Jason still crying . oh dear ..........

back home so tire and walk into the house just feel some ting missing , I think I am start missing my Derek I courting the time wait for him to call me at the skype .
well did call around 9pm uk time 4pm USA time .
he saw me look so tire he ask me go to bed , then I am now here writing my blog , well must go to bed now tomorrow can't get up .
good night or good morning to everyone


scarxxx said...

pearly jie jie.. tired d then must rest.. ;)

PEARLY said...

hi ya lor . but then miss my hubby can't see wor how ler ? like your darling miss you la.
hi do you have a good week hope you not stree out at work take it easy ok broxxx

SixzFun* said...

sometimes when u separate with ur partner for a period will make ur relationship grow stronger..coz u will miss him and waiting for he come back...then when he's back you will love him more ..

scarxxx said...

i truely understand ur feeling lo.. me even longer leh... me working in KL and my princess is in melaka.. haihz..

stress ah? still got la.. everyday feel like not going to work.. but my colleague taught me a sentence and that is "I Love My Job".. sound funny but tension gone for a moment.. haha..

PEARLY said...

hi grace and weiwei :
wat you both say is god true , I miss my darling when he aways back for few day then we will start angry with each other hahahha, have a gud day the both of you will chat some time today got to work 2 job just back from the first job now go for the secound one very tire .

janicepa said...

how come dee dee is a rich woman now ?? she must be earning lots from the adoption plan huh ??

send my love to ena too !!..

Sweetpea said...

get good sleep :)

PEARLY said...

sweetpea dear :
yes need good sleep , but over work sometime can't sleep over hyper I guess.

hi jan :
Dee dee 4 kids get pay £1650 per week . my dear isf you say not rich who are U and me , per kis per week is £365 plus all free trip for kids free this and that . beter look after other ppl don't want kids then your own one world is so scroll up now a day by our PM .
have a great day .xxxxx

Penny said...

Hi! Pearly,
Where did Derek go? Keep yrself busy it will keep yr mind off Derek. Ya, age catching up have to slow down a bit. Take care dear.

PEARLY said...

hi dear yee :
derek went to USA for work .for a week , just he is too far aways I am just too worry all the time , check the whole house all the time worry I forgot something .
also been very tire with work no asstant she not arrive to work yet.
will take care , you too take care don't over work you no more super women ok .love you xxxx

AceOne118 said...

Sleeping is my hobby ler! kekeke. Poorman luxury indeed.

PEARLY said...

oh yes not only for men for women too