Friday, August 31, 2007

Ten Questions ???? TAG BY Aiyoh nonya

Q 1 : What you doing 10 years ago :

*I am working as part time waittress

*morning looking after my 3 young kids

*very depress

*not look forward to life

*miss home

Q2 what you doing one year ago?

Work as a partly full time cook at a nice nursery with a kitchen assistant .

*went back home to Malaysia for my sister Janice wedding .

*Enjoy my trip with all my friend back from Australia

*Enjoy my new job

*catering for a party of 50 ppl and get pay very well

Q3 What are the 5 snack you enjoy ?

*Walker chips


*toffee popcorn

*all kind of fruit

*benoffie pie <>

Q4. What 5 song you know the lyrics to ?

NONE cos mostly I only Lister never learn the lyrics .........

Q5. What 5 thing you will do when you a Millionaire ?

* Back home bring my parent over to UK so my mum can have a eye operation find a best Dr to do the job for her .

* buy a bigger home , but wouldn't sell the current one .

*Buy another home for Wendy and Jon .

* start a cafe or a restaurant .

* bring my babe sister and her family over to UK .

Q6. 5 bad habits

*sit in fort of computer will stay for hour....

*love wine once start can't stop until PISS

* when curry for diner can't stop eating boil rice

*can't sit till to enjoy the peace and quality time with hubby

*Bite my nail when I watch TV

Q7. 5 thing you like to do?

*blog hooping kay poh here and there

*baking cake


*read all kind of recipe

*play with my Pussy <>

Q8. 5 favourite toy ?

*All my baking equipment

*All my cooking equipment

*my Pc

* can't think of any anymore ????

Q9. 5 things you wouldn't wear ?

* clothes in the shower

*shoe that not cover my toes

*bikini with bra

*Tong that just fit in the boom

*clothes too tight

Q10. 5 things you hate to do ?

* Angry with my kids

* full out with my sister

* argument with my hubby

*steak and kidney pie for derek , cos the whole house smell like wee wee

*when someone ask me to do thing and I can't say NO ... when I really don't want to do it .

OK I have finish the TAG ..... but I don't wish to Tag anyone but if you want to have some fun please do help yourself to do it .

have a lovely weekend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


U.Lee said...

Hello Pearly, you sure have a fantastic sense of humour. What makes your humour so infectious is its so down to earth, read it and it hits you ten seconds later, hard.
Many times I read your postings I forget my pipe in my mouth and laugh and now my wife grumbles lots of my jammies, shorts have holes in them from the dropped, burning tobacco, ha ha.
You're really outragious, Pearly and I am so glad I know you.
Thanks for the smiles and laughs,
Love the steak and kidney pie...smells like...ha ha.
And you love playing with your......cats, ARHAAA HA HA.
Pearly, you are horrible! I really burst out laughing this one.
You are my kind of woman!
Have a jolly nice day, Pearly. UL.

Cat Cat said...

Wah Pearly, didn't know you love wine. Ini macam kalo, ada kaki drinking wine wei...

PEARLY said...

dear Uncle Lee :
I am so glad I will make you and the other happy to read my blog . Life is like this happy go lucky is wat we need la , work so stress no joke no life la that wat I always feed , the next time I will send you M&S jammie to replace those I make you drop you pipe burning hole for Xmas present wat you say huh????

you have a lovely weekend too xxxx

PEARLY said...

cath cath dear :

wow you too ka ? the next time we meet we know wat to start with la from white to red heheheh.

winniethepooh said...

things you wouldnt wear.."clothes in the shower" that was so funni Pearly! hehehe..

I agree with u too on I dont like things such as 'argument with hubby' and 'when someone ask me to do things and I cant say No, when I really dont want to do it' Just recently, friend was studying to be a dental hygienist and had to find 'patients' to do teeth cleaning (as experiment lah) and she didnt know alot of people so she asked me but I really scared of dental oso (all those poking and scrapping etc). I tot that its only a one time thing (my fault for not asking more details oso) so i say ok lah..end up hv to go for EIGHT times!! I really feel like crying everytime i had to go but then no choice mah, promise will go so i Hve to go lor right...anyway, so glad that it is all over. Next time pay me i oso wont go thats for sure! :P ehhee

u hv a great day Pearly!

aiyah nonya said...

Playing with :)

I can't stand a tong too. Sexy...I find it real uncomfortable !
Thanks for doiong the tag.

PEARLY said...

winnie dear :
I always end up with half a doze kids around my home cos all my friend just drop it to me to baby sit bad enought morning I cook for lot of kids , back home I end up every mum kids drop by me and I got to feed them too ,my hubby get very up sad say is a free nursery that why we always POOR hahahah.

PEARLY said...

nonya dear :

hahahah i thougth I will make every one think of the right side ahhah .

ya la derek bougth me same wonce when he went away to Holland trips and I never wear it so ma fan la xx