Monday, August 06, 2007

Life of DEVON xxxxxxx

the view above is not too far aways from her house ,we can walk to this seaside or view from our window.
Devon life is really relax and is a best pace to retire or come down for a chill out just sit back and enjoy the sea breeze the sun if there are sunny not rain ,enjoy the cream tea and one thing here people are very friendly and nice but only one personal we meet on my MIL party he is rich but rude too , his first complement to my hubby and my brother in law is *oh I guess you two must be the son cos the big noise had say it all , also which one of you merry to the Spanish lady and which one of you merry to the polish is that you ? brother in law reply * I am the one with polish* ......then he ask my hubby .....*are you the one merry to the Spanish , hubby say .*No my wife is Chinese *
that min I walk out with Chinese food out to serve on the table then he say out loud *WoW we got server too huh ?*

tell me my friend wat does he mean ? does he mean rude or he is not , Derek was very up sad when he say that cos he feel he is rude and not nice , coming to a party and insult the family member saying about there all have a ugly big noise then very KAY PO about who and who merry which country of wife ,is not the mean is the way he say it make ppl feel he is very rude .

anyway that is a bit of rude time we had with this * sugar hole *
But the pass few day I am really enjoy the lovely sun chil out and cream tea also my kids really enjoy themselves very much , Devon is a real lovely place to be if anyone out there wish to visit England, the real English life is not in London is the country side .
my 2 boy had a camp night yesterday when we lift there get ready to sleep outside , this morning I ask them are you scare Oliver say NO I enjoy it very much but Brandon is very scare he keep say let go back in the house . hahhaah that my Brandon a scatty cat .

will be lot picture to show you my boy camp out door xxxxx


Sweetpea said...

was about to ask on the pics of your boys camping out :P

as for that rich rude man, don't even bother to think about the matter too much. why should his insensitive comments get to you? sounds like he thinks chinese is born and bred in restaurants. treating all others second class.

rich in money but so poor in manners. i pity him :)

Pi Bani said...

The place you went to looks very nice, Pearly. Waiting to see more pics.

And oh... forget the rich rude dude! Your hubby loves you and that's what matters most!

winniethepooh said...

It looks absoultely beautiful in Devon and I'm sure ur mother in law had a wonderful birthday esp with ur yummy chinese food!

Like what Uncle Lee say, 'there will always be funny apple"..dun let that rude fellow ruin the happy times u guys have (he's just jealous he didnt get such wonderful wives as ur Derek and his brother has) :)

Looking forward to seeing more pics!

have a great week ahead pearly!

nyonyapenang said...

Hi Pearly, all get such lovely views from your dear MIL's calm, so relaxing and so perfect. I would certainly love to visit one day.
And do wish your MIL a happy belated 65th birthday, for me Pearly. That sure must be one swell party you all had.

Oh, that rich snob....hahahah...I agree with you...he is a real 'sugar hole'. Bad manners he has.

Will wait for your other photos, Pearly.

Take care and have a great week.

PEARLY said...

hi dear sweetpeas :
ya la some ang moo are like this I get this all the time I don't give a sugar at all , derek is cross but I told him just think he is a aaaaaaaaaasssss so hehheh.

promise will post my boy camp out at thier nana home , there love it , at this moment my sony k800i can't download into my pc don't know why la I reload all the softwere still can't open but will try my best to post it off xxx
thank for drop by

PEARLY said...

hi chegu pi Bani :
ya la no point so up sad after all you know I know he is a sugar hole why bother , must well enjoy my life you are right xxxxx

PEARLY said...

hi winnie :
yes I totally agree with you after all who merry to ang moo off en on will face some dick en tom say thing to us not so nice but to be frank I get use to it already normaly I will walk aways or if there really horible to me I will put my midle finger to them and say pppppp off heheheh.

PEARLY said...

hi nyanyopenang :

as I say be4 you just got to get a ticket the view is all your my lovely hehhhehe

aiyah nonya said...

Yeah, just ignore that obnoxious guy.
To be more forgiving you can try to imagine that he thinks is trying to break the ice, start a conversation.
I think he need some tips form U.lee.

PEARLY said...

hi dear Aiyoh nyanyo
ya la uncle lee need to start a class in UK to help those ang moo how to be a gentlmen .