Saturday, August 25, 2007

Nasi Lemah ...........Asam Prawn .........?

I am so glad when I find this ! can anyone tell me wat is the above veg ? I know patai and lady finger but don't know wat the other call but I love it cook with sambal .....mmmmmmmmmmyumyummy!
This Asam Prawn .

After reading all those lovely food from Nonya blog , cook 4 fun blog and Rasa malaysia , I think I miss all those lovely malasia food want I have grown up with , so be4 I went to visit Wendy , on 21 Aug morning, I cook nasi lemah so when Wendy come to pick us up she can have too, cos I know Wendy love nasi lemah , I am no so sure gud or not la . it look OK Derek love the chicken and my Stephi , I had 2 bowl myself can eat la I think but not as gud as homely way I guess .


Cat Cat said...

Your nasi lemak looks good. A complete nasi lemak with ikan bilis and kekacang. Can I have a plate?

Eh, those are big prawn in your asam prawn. Are they expensive in UK? Here large prawn is $8.99 a pound.

PEARLY said...

Hi cat :

TQ TQ , as you know you are always welcome to have nasi lemah with us I post this specail for you too cos I know you miss this disher very much .

yes those prawn come around 26 peace of it and only cost £6 a bag not so bad , now aday prawn in UK is cheap ,think about 10 years ago I got to pay more eat prawn is like eatting gold .

J.T. said...

Oh! yummy Nasi Lemak. Now, I am thinking I should start cooking something Malaysian soon.

I still haven't tried the meatballs Winnie showed on her blog. Life has been just crazy lately. Soon... I must push myself. :)

U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, I love your nasi lemak. Holy Smoke! You have petai too? First time I hear nasi lemak with petai.
I remember old days I used to fly every few days to East Coast and some people eat petai...oh boy! Dare not go to the bathroom, ha ha. I remember a lot of foreigners would complain and poor air hostess had to air spray some lavender or jasmine there, ha ha.
Pearly, re the 'poem' in my blog, its a beautiful song for lovers, "Blue Moon", a very old song.
I'm sure your Derek knows the song.
Ask him sing this song to you. Its a beautiful tune too. Maybe your daughter can play it on the piano too. Try it, Pearly.
Can smell your petai from here, arhaaa ha ha. Keep well, Pearly, UL.

Aiyah Nonya said...

It looks good. Mouth watering already.

PEARLY said...

Hi JT;
Glad to hear you , hope you not over working .

oh yes you should post some malaysia food when you have the time , can't wait to see you on the blog again .

you have a lovely time miss you* hug hug*

PEARLY said...

Uncle Lee :

Ya la my nasi lemah is every thing in one , we love petai and derek too , wendy is the big fun cos she is comming back that why I got to cook everything in one go heheeh. turn out not too bad la boleh makan is ok I am happy women already heheheh.
yes is a lovely poem or song , I must find out in the net to download that song leh TQ TQ again for drop by xxxx

PEARLY said...

HI Aiyoh nonya my guru :

My is not as good as your nonya food la , if my guru say is ok I am very happy hahahahh .TQ TQ guru xxxxxx

mommy of 2 angels said...

wah looks very appetising...

my mom taught me the lazy way.. malaysia can buy those instant assam curry paste...hahaha we live in an instant world.

PEARLY said...

hi dear mommy of 2:
here in UK we also have lot of instant curry paste too , sometime when we run out of time we will do the same use the instant one too heheh not only you , not lazy la is *time is money * that all hehehe.

winniethepooh said...

wahhhh, Pearly, ure making me drool! :P~ it has been a long time i havent had nasi lemak. Miss the otak too..ur derek and kids are soooo lucky!! :) its like eating in a restaurant all the time with ur cooking! :)

hv a great week Pearly!

PEARLY said...

winnie dear :

I miss otak too , try to ask nonya any otak recipe she can post then we all can have a go for it ehheh.

You gud me a very hight HAT la I am not as gud as nonya and cook 4 fun there are the guru , I am still lot to learn , cos I am really lost touch with malaysian food that I love , but angmoo hubby so most of the time I cook onle english food la wat to DO ler !!!!!

I Cook4Fun said...

Pearly, I think the other veggie is call four angle beans or kacang botol. wow, your Nasi lemak look so many 'liew'

PEARLY said...

HI dear Cook 4 fun :
TQ TQ , noq I know wat it call I love it but don't know the name I thougth is call four season bean ahhah I am wrong ! is call four angle beans ....
ya la cos I got the patai and kacang botol so I cook sambal too la . one in the blue moon doing nasi lemah also I am so free ahhahah cook all in one go xxxxxxx TQ TQ for drop by xx

Sweetpea said...

pearly - just one word from me. YYUUMM!!!

PEARLY said...

sweetpeas dear ;
TQ TQ come and join us please xxxx

Isha said...

wow looks so good