Monday, August 20, 2007

Mother and daughter

here we went to spain Mernoca for family holiday when stphi only 5 years old

here she only 3 years only same place we return to the same place have a picture taking .
Xmas she here only 2 plus we went to visit father xmas .

mother and daughter post , the other day I was clear up all the old picture and I find a few picture of me and Stephi from birth to now , and it click to me wanted to do this post , seem like yesterday she is a baby now she is a young gurl .


Dawn said...

Hi Pearly,

Your daughter is so cute. Very pretty girl. Your kids are all cutie pies. I like the pictures on your blog. See you are a visitor to my sis' blogs, too!! Have a good one!

PEARLY said...

yes I love to read your sis blog all those lovely thing she cook .

I went and read you blog too .

J.T. said...

Hi Pearly

Very nice photos. Your daughter is a sweetie pie. Gorgeous wedding picture too.

You take care and have a good week. *hug*

Cat Cat said...

Nice pictures Pearly. You have a beautiful girl there.

It always feel good to look at old pictures and wonder how time flies.

winniethepooh said...

like daughter, like mother..both very pretty..Sometimes when mom and I looked at old pics of us when we are young and with our parents, it always bring back lots of wonderful memories too..

hv a great week pearly :)

I Cook4Fun said...

Pearly, your daughter really cantik leh.. you must be really proud of her.

Aiyah Nonya said...

Nice pictures. Makes me think of my own dusty pictures.
But at this moment I don't think my 3 look cute at all. Grrr.....

Btw nice wedding picture.


PEARLY said...

JT dear :
TQTQ HUG HUG to you too MISS you

hi cat :
yes the other day ichi backside look at those picture and look at my daughter she is taller then me now and look at her baby time gosh time go really fast la alamah next will be mother daughter and granddaught OMG la hahahhaha

hi winnie :

TQTQ old now , think of dam day ya la pretty la now gosh AH so already hahahah

I cook 4 fun :

Nonya the next time you should post your wedding picture let us Key po too la please