Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I have been TAG by

Wow If I have 1MILLION .......................................

If I have ONE MILLION in £ 1,000,000.00 I hope not in RM ............. hhehehehehe

  1. I will find the Best DR in LONDON and bring my mummy over to fix her eyes sigh, also my dad must come along too , not forget my babe sis Jan and her whole family .
  2. Buy another house in England for wen wen and JON so there don't have rent a House in London .
  3. start up a cafe bar for myself and wen wen so we both have income, also this my dream so must make it come true la, have a restaurant of my own, so I can cook all those lovely food to ppl for £££ off course la, no free in this world £ make £ ma right?
  4. I will help children in need sit up a funds up for them .
  5. £1,ooo,ooo.00 is not a lot in England now a day but if there still money leave I will buy another home in PENANG Island facing the sea so when we get old me and Derek can sit in the balcony to relax and chili and enjoy all those lovely food in Penang .
  6. If there still more ££ left I set up a funds for my 3 kids .

so that my BIG HEARD veg DREAM ......................

after doing this TAG I must tags 5 ppl on the blog but who I TAG ?

Sori if I Tags you :

Nyonya penang
Aiyoh nyonya
cat cat
Pi Bani

so sori but if you don't want to do the tags is ok , not to worry this is my first time I tags ppl

have a lovely day all my friend and familyxxxxx


J.T. said...

Hi Pearly

Lovely dreams. If only I had that kind of money, preferably in £. USD also ok la but £ is bigger. haha
Anyway, if I had that, first I will put aside money for retirement (provided I am not taxed on that sum). Whatever balance I have, I will use for travelling.

U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, If I have that kind of money? First I buy a pickup truck go fishing with my wife in the wilds.
Then fly to Brazil, Amazon river do more fishing, then to Florida, then Australia again, fishing.
After come home in 6 months, fully relaxed, then can help with charity and family.
Few months ago a man won $40 million! Three weeks ago a single mother, not working with 3 kids won $7 million. Another lady recently won $20 million.
Lucky people.
Wish you luck, Pearly. UL.

Wennnn said...

Thank U for remembering us when U hv won such a big lump sum of money... Ok I will be waiting!!

Errrr cheh hv U bought the lottery yet???

Cat Cat said...


I always dreamt of winning a jackpot but both Robert and I never bought lottery tickets. How to win???

I have already did your tag. Check out my blog. ;)

Pi Bani said...

Pearly dearie,
The only way I can think of getting a million in my hands (in fact right now I can go to the bank and withdraw the amount) is if the million is in Indonesian Rupiah...

winniethepooh said...

ure so homely and its wonderful Pearly for thinking of making life great for ur family :)

Pearly, I have already done the tag before, u can see the post dated 30th july 2007 if u like to :)


janicepa said...

hey sis.. u been tagged again.. go to my

Aiyah Nonya said...

Open a cafe - lovely dream. When we come visit can charge at RM or not ? :) Joking only lah.

Wah I can imagine your cafe a blend of east and west.

You and your sis can still aim for that dream.

Aiyah Nonya said...

Hi ! I completed the tag. Not as difficult as I thought. :)
Have a great weekend.

PEARLY said...

hi JT darling :
Yes dream we all had a dream ,which the dream will come true you and me xxxxx

PEARLY said...

Uncle lee ;
you must not forget to buy the lottery every week , so your dream will come true .
wow I would like to joint you for the fishing long as there no ula .

wish you luck too .have a lovely weekend .tq again you always had lovely commet for me .

PEARLY said...

hi winnie :
If I had million that is nothing meh enjoy the life with family and freind , live too short to be so mingy right ?
wish you gud luck too .
you look lovely on the pict you send me thank so much wow handsome hubby too .

PEARLY said...

hi wenwne my dearest :

don't think of my family who I think ler in life I only got my own family and my mum dad you and jan so that all I got mah , I will try to get one today hehheeh

PEARLY said...

cat cat dear :
so you must try to buy from now lor so you minivan will come true and all those dream you had will be true too .
thank for doing the tag .
have a lovely weekend .xxx

PEARLY said...

HI chegu PI bani :

ahhah you always got a lovely thougth rupid you are dam right we already a millionair in indonesion .
have a lovely weekend xxxxxx

PEARLY said...

jan not a gain to be tag I hate to be tag ler xxx

PEARLY said...

Aiyah nonya darling :
if you come to visit us , in my cafe , I will be so happy you think will charge you , free la off corse , no charge no charge hheeeh .
same more we are IPOH gurl hahahah how can we ler come come will bring you lot of scone and devonshire cream .

have a lovely weelendxxxx

SixzFun* said...

hope ur wishes come true..... then england people can enjoy ur yummy yummy dishes....:-)