Sunday, August 12, 2007

KIDS enjoy the life in devon

having sausage and boil egg on the real fire stove .

here Stephi as normal just walk around the garden kaypoo here and there she will not camp out with the 2 boy no way.................

look Brandon having his sausage on the stick mmmmmmyum yummy .........
have you all see those food there go in to eat ?

here are the 2 pony the little one is the young member of the family don't he look so lovely xxxxxxxxx,there have lot of love and care by Nana and Jo also this summer holiday Stephi and the 2 boy also got to help to look after them .

Hope my 3 monkey having a gud time down in Devon when me and Derek is so boring up in our home waiting for them to return so our home can be very busy again , sori to say we do miss our crazy kids very much xxxxxxxxxxx

HI Brandon hope you are not killing the DUCK .....


winniethepooh said...

wow nana's place is so big! there is a stable, can do bbq, camping, archery even..geee..lucky kids. They must be enjoying themselves so much over there :) nana's place is so fun pearly..all these pastures and its just a few mins to the beach sounds so lovely! Hope Brandon didnt kill any duckie huh hahaha :)

PEARLY said...

oh yes I hope he is not, my FIL will be very cross hahah there not only have pony there also have around 30 duck too hahahah .

every year the same there say there don't want to go to devon is boring but there do enjoy every min of the day there can play around is a very big place , myself I love to just sit at the garden and enjoy the sun hahah.

my monkey don't know how lucky there are .

TQ for drop by

Cat Cat said...

Hi Pearly Looi,
Thanks for visiting my blog.
It's Cath Looi, your so-called aiyah sister. HAHAHA!

Nice blog. I will spend some time reading all the posts later.

Good to know you. Have a great day!

PEARLY said...

hi cath aiyah sister :

thank for the visit you are very welcome welcome keep in touch xxxx
have a nice day too xx

J.T. said...

Hi Pearly

Looks like your 3 monkeys are enjoying themselves. When will they be home?

In the mean time, no dead duckies, I hope. :)

Your boys are looking so handsome. Heartbreakers for sure.

PEARLY said...

hi JT :
there will be back next week miss them very much la xx
hope no die duckies cos I am not there, so I can make a roast peking duck with pan cake hahhahahha my Father in law will kill me instant ahhah.

there are ugly monkey laxxxxx

SixzFun* said...

ur kids wont be missing u guys coz they are too enjoy dy..hahaha

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Pearly,

What great fun for the kids. That's the way kids should grow up. Healthy fun. Keep well dear.

nyonyapenang said...

Hi Pearly,

Can see your 3 lovely children had loads of fun at Nana's big farm...camping, cooking in the open fire, pony rides, run and play in the huge garden and walks to the beach.

U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, I see you deleted off that idiot who put in that lonnnng comment in your box. He did it to mine too. Some people just are idiots with nothing better to do.
Glad to see your kids having fun. Ya, bet you miss them, noise and traffic at home.
You keep well, Pearly, UL.

Sweetpea said...

that is great! bet the kids had a great time. you can't say u were bored with just your hubby! surely there are things to do? *winks* like go pakto, sit in front of the tv and have a quiet night?

but mums will be mums, forever kids to them even if the kids is 45 years old :)