Wednesday, August 29, 2007



BELOW IS YAU MEI FAN I saw in nonya blog , make me wanted to eat it so ....... I cook this but no chicken so use pork with Chinese dry mushroom and black wood ear and dry shrimp.
Pearly Diner. mmmmmyum yummy !

As you all know I have a ANG MOO hubby and half ANG MOO kids so above is wat there will eat half and half mix .
but I must take out all those dry Chinese mushroom and shrimp and wood ear , only leave pork in it . OMG wat it like !!!!!


J.T. said...

Hi Pearly

Wow.. that herb roast chicken looks yummy.
I still haven't made that kerabu dish yet. I spent the whole day yesterday sorting out a few boxes of clothes. I better do it quickly before the cucumber expires. :)

Sue said...

Hmmm..I'm hungry just looking at the pix...

Cat Cat said...

Your dinner is so healthy - ada cucumber and broccoli. Well-balanced dinner. Eh, your hubby also pandai makan asian food ya. My hubby langsung x mau makan at all except satay and chicken rice.

nyonyapenang said...

Aiyarrr...Pearly, come in here, straight away I become hungry already. :)

Aiyah Nonya said...

Your meal is more balance than mine. The roast chicken looks delicious.....Good job !

The chinese will say " chinese not chinese, foreign not foreign".
Hope you got my meaning.


Isha said...

ur diner looks so good

Bento Pet said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. You sound so happy go lucky type! Amazing how you can churn out our Malaysian food with the limited ingredients that you get! You must be very creative, just like your blog - so interesting!

U.Lee said...

Hello Pearly, hey! Save a plate for me. Holy Smoke, it sure looks finger licking good.
Hang on, I phone the airlines, see got ticket to England...
"Hello Virgin Air..I want a ticket to England, today..huh? All flights fully booked"?
Okay Pearly, will try again.
You have a nice day, UL.

Dawn said...

Pearly, that herb chicken looks really good. I should make that too with all the chicken we have in the freezer! My angmoh hubby likes dry mushroom but cannot stand the smell when I'm soaking them. He just one weird fella. Stepdaughter lagi teruk. won't even touch the rice unless all the unfamiliar stuff to her were taken out. Haih....

winniethepooh said...

wow yummy 'traditional ang mo' dinner for ur derek, one 'traditional chinese' dinner for u and one 'mixed' for ur children.

U surely put in a lot of thoughts when serving them dinner! me is hmm..'one size fits all buffet style' i suppose, take whatever u like. hahaha, i dun think i hv as much patience as u to mix different kind for them :P they really must appreciate and feel lucky to hv such a good wife and mummy! :)

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Pearly,

I just visited Winnie's blog and she posted some scrumptious meal there. Now you too! Boy, I am in the midst of getting my waistline to a better proportion to fit in my 10 year old jeans..ha ha. You enjoy your wonderful concoction with family.

Happy Merdeka.

PEARLY said...

to ALL my Best blog friend :
I will be return soon to reply to all of you xxxxxx

PEARLY said...

Hi JT dear :
hopefully by now you have make your kerabu , don't forget to post it ok xxxxx

sue dear :
Thank for drop by , you are welcome to have same wwith us xxxxxx

hi my darling Cath ;

we marria for 15 years la he must eat same la or els he got to do DIY ler , but he don't eat all kind la . you slowly slowly la your hubby darling will eat la , don't intrud too strong one la , boleh la .....
my kids like brocoli and cucumber only la , hheheh not I am health heheheh xxxxx

Nyanyo penang dear:
don't" kat key" help yourself some food this home no money but got lot of food around to be share xxxxxx

nonya sweetie dear :

I got your meaning la hahahhahaah.
I feel it all the time xxxxxx


TQTQwelcome to my blog xxx

bento pet :

welcome to my blog , I think life is too short to be worry al the time so just enjoy life friendship lor , I am still learning to blog la I learn everyday from all those lovely friend here, TQ so much for your lovely comment xxxxx

Uncle Lee dear :

this time ticket sold out never mind la book another time will cook patai for you specailly ok and *hamp choi pork soep* for you too ok xxxxxxxx

dawn darling :
my hubby also dun like those chinese mushroom too . but he will enjoy all kind of malaysia and nonya style curry slowly la you hubby will be fine la about kids my one also teluk too see those picture you know la like your sis say is true la hahhaah.

winnie sweetheart :

wat to do ler ! As a mummy and wife we got to be like this to make them eat la , you will know when the day come xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

my very dear RUBY ;

so glad to have you drop by , aiya ..don't say like this la .. I have nothing to post so post some food lor .
10 year old jeans you need to fit ka , as for me those jean are now at the OXfarm already ,someone must have enjoy wearing them hahahhaha