Saturday, August 18, 2007

I win £35 on bonus ball .............

this week Monday , Vicky told me she won £45 from bonus ball and she is leaving on the end of Aug her bonus ball 4 so I ask her can I play too , she say no problem she will find out for me then she call to our heard officer then there send her the number which I can choose to buy , too bad the sat draw full the only leave is Wednesday draw she ask am I still wanted to play ,
UK lottery we have daily play and Wednesday play and Saturday play lottery , but our company sit up a lottery bonus ball for all the 39 nursery staff to play the only bonus number for £1 each week you can choose to play on sat or Wednesday , so back my Winne point . I choose 12 as my Wednesday draw , I write a cheq for payment but I wrote the wrong name so I haven't pay on Monday or Tuesday cos I forgotten all about it , Thursday I sitting at home with my in law and kids having diner my boss call from work I wonder something wrong at work ????
then Charlotte told me * hi pearly I thought shall let you know first thing I get the e mail from the heard officer YOU HAVE WON THE BONUS BALL £35 * OMG my reply * are you sure ? I haven't pay my bill yet and there I have won £35 ! ahhahahahahahhaha.

Last week Derek win £10 from the nation lottery for 3 lottery number from the nationals draw, I do better then him I win one bonus ball 12 and get £35 from work hahahah .
today must go tesco to put in £1 for lottery to see will I be a Millionaire ,Don't worry I wouldn't forget Wat I had say in here and promise I make ,if I win more then a million pound I will treat my blogger friend who my favour chat mate you know who you are right ........... hahahah xxxxxxxxx


aiyah nonya said...

Congrats pearly

You are so lucky. I have never won anything before. H did some time back but not me. :( Maybe because I have never bought any.

Best of luck.

I Cook4Fun said...

Pearly, 35 pound is better than nothing. I never win anything yet playing lottery. Hopefully one day :)

Cat Cat said...

Wah, you manyak ong ya... Won 35 pound. Everytime Cath play the lottery, habuk pun tarak wei.

winniethepooh said...

wow congrats pearly! :) 1pound and u win 35pounds, thats a 35x profit..very good very good :)

good luck for the $1 million draw yeah!

nyonyapenang said...

Congrats! Pearly, luck is coming your way already. Wow...a cool 35pounds in your pocket. Okie....I pray for you to win the 1 million pounds and I can celebrate with you too. :)

J.T. said...

Congratulations Pearly! That's cool - £35. It could be a start for more money. :)

Wishing you many, many more lottery wins.

Have a good week, dear.

SixzFun* said...

congrats Pearly......yar.....ur 1 million luck is on the way .... GOOD LUCK ....35 pound is a good starting sign dy :-)

PEARLY said...

To all my blog friend :

Many TQ , as you know £35 is not enought to treat everyone , must wait forthe £35,000.000 so I will treat everyone to ITALA for a lux holiday wat you say huh .

pray hard and dream hard too hahhahah
have a lovely day xxxx