Friday, July 27, 2007


Wake up this morning and recall back the dream I had, is a real funny but a bit silly dream ..............
I dream we ( wen wen Jon Derek and myself ) back to Malaysia for holiday , at wen house Malaysia, Jon came let us know he won some money around £200 , he say to Derek let go out with those money and do some boy thing , me and wen send them off , wen say to me let us also go out to do gurl thing let go makan , so we driver down to Ipoh .
park the car at the mall , walk down to the centre of the mall, place we wanted to go for makan must go pass the centre of the mall , we walk pass and saw lot of ppl around , I am very KAY PO and ask wat is going on cost we can't walk pass to go out for makan , someone say to me there a mad women try to kill ppl and police try to stop ppl to walk across , I turn around to wen say we must go pass I am very hungry , since we have first ads training pass , we just say we are here to help and we can slowly walk pass , we both agree with it .
we walk pass and I saw the mad women is trying to walk behind wen wen , I scream at wen say be careful the mad women at you back the next thing I could see is she had jump over to my sis wen , there both roll around the floor, I scream at the mad women "let my sister go" , but there so fast I can't stop them the next thing I saw was mad women on top of wen wen so I scream to wen and say" punch the dam mad cow ", wen wen did she give her a gud strong punch , the next thing I know is mad cow drop off , I scream ( holy sugar ......... we kill her ....... ) I walk around her doing the first ads check she is still breathing ,,, oh Holy Molly sugar thank god .... I say to wen we bring her back to the police at the centre of the mall, wen say OK , but she is in lot of pain , so I pull the mad women leg and pull her all the way back to the mall and drop it to one of the police women and say ( here your mad cow ) the police women say to me please don't go you must take your rewards ............REWARD ???????

she give me £1,000 ....... I told her I am not the one Punch her is wen but she still give it to me , then I take it and pass on to wen say here your reward for all those pain mad cow give you ..
wen wen say .........well let go makan la so hungry la after all those roll around and punch kicking ass xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I wake up .......wat a silly dream don't you think so ?kekekekekkekkkek


aiyah nonya said...

Funny thing about dreams. You are in M'sia and the reward in pounds.

Hey maybe a windfall is coming your way soon. Keep your fingers crossed. :)

PEARLY said...

hhahah hope so .
how are you ?

U.Lee said...

Hey Pearly, quick, go buy lottery tickets or Empat Ekor..when dream of money is good, ha ha.
I really laughed reading about your dream and your words, "mad cow".
Pearly, you are a girl any boy or man would love to have around, you sure got a terrific sense of humour.
And, hey, thats a real nice pic too, you look gorgeous! WheeeetWheeeewww!
Sweet dreams, UL.

Pi Bani said...

Oii Pearly! In your dream you come KayPoh in Ipoh?? Haiya, I stay in Ipoh la... why didn't you drop by in my dreams?

p/s I hope the mad woman in your dream didn't look like me... or did she? ;)

J.T. said...

hahahaha... Pi Bani the mad woman? Pi, you are so funny.

Funny and weird dream, Pearly.
It sounds so funny that you pulled the mad woman's leg all the way. What a scene!
Then can even fit in makan after all the rolling around and kicking ass. :D
You made me laugh.

PEARLY said...

uncle Lee :
Thank you again , I just a women that really pain in the backside lor , I always tell my friend just call me bitch cos ,I don't wanted to disapoint anyone when I been a bitch so if I am that is me .
Oh yes la , you say that today is sat I will get myself a lotty see any luck if I do I will come to canada and bring you back to malaysia for makan .hahah

PEARLY said...

Pi bani dear :
ya la , I am Ipoh gurl just like you la , I don't know why huh! my dream so weird la in IPOH and some more reward pay in £££ hahhah.
the next time when I'm back to IPOH I will come to visit you , you can take me out to find the best mama makan stall on my treat ok .

oh no no you are too lovely to call the mad women , funny to say ya , in my dream is so sssscccccol up the mad cow is a english women , I think that why we get pay into ££ cos we punch down a english mad cow hhahahaha.

thank for drop by xxxxxx

PEARLY said...

that is the 2 of me and my sis wenwen , we always love our makan wateven thing happen the end of the day , we will still very happy to enjoy our food hahha.
ya la when I wake up , I think back this dream I just laught la such a silly dream . but huh today I will go and get my lottey , if I did win will bring you out for diner hehheh.

have a lovely day

winniethepooh said...

goes to show u love ur sister very much wor esp wenwen :)

wow..dream of so much money must go buy lottery already! I think u ask wen wen to buy (since shes the one who do all the 'hard work') and when u win the money, can all fly back to malaysia go makan makan! sounds good?? hehehe

J.T. said...

Hi Pearly

I have officially tagged you for the Music Shuffle game although I said earlier that I won't be tagging anyone.

I thought I would pull you in so that you can share your choice of music in life. :) Don't worry if you don't want to do it, ok? This is just for fun. No pressure.

All you have to do is copy and paste the rules and questions from my blog. Have fun!

PEARLY said...

hi winnie dear :
I only got 2 sister there are my life I do love them very much my mum always say ( in this life can be blood sister the next life don't know who will be so when we stil have each other we must love and care for each other ) I teach my kids this too .hope my monkey will keep it in and will love each other foreve and even heheehh.

nyonyapenang said... can dream so vividly lar.
...its just like a movie. heheheh...
summore got rewarded wor...the 2 guys won 200 and you got 1000.

i hardly remember my dreams...most of the time, i wake up but just cannot recall.

PEARLY said...

yes la nyonyapeng when I wake up I thought I supose in mal and end up reward in pound hahahah.

sometime I wake up I don't even know I had a dream or not hahhahahh

U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, how are you? You on vacation? Best regards, UL.