Thursday, July 05, 2007

LOOK lovely baby boy , JAN PA BOY BOY

look just new born wow my babe sister JAN is a mummy now , so you better grown up ok .
well done JAN AND PA . baby so cute and handsome boy just like the DADDY .

so now this little handsome will can me TAI YEE ans WEN WEN JEE YEE hahahaha , all YEEE
pang 9 son call him teetee hahahah lovely lovely .
we love you little onexxxxxxxx


nyonyapenang said...

that's one cute little boy, rosy cheeks and all. and he sure got lots of hair.

PEARLY said...

oh yes nyonyapenang such a cute little one , wish I were there to give him a big cuddle .

winniethepooh said...

yeah, rosy cheeks like apple..:) next time surely end up like me, when I was a kid, always get pinched on the cheek.."so irresistable" those aunties will say :P hehehe

J.T. said...

Oh what a cutie. :)
Congratulations to your sister and her husband.

Those rosy cheeks are just waiting to be pinched. :)

PEARLY said...

winnie dear :
ya la so rosy cheeks huh . I just wish I were there la , guess when you kids you hate it all those pinched hahah.

JT dear :
TQTQ oh yes poor little one hahhaha

Sweetpea said...

omigosh! looks like a big baby already! so cute :)

PEARLY said...

oh yes ! sweetpeas .who you thinkhe look like the most ? janice or the daddy ?