Thursday, July 19, 2007


All this diner I specailly cook for them to let them try our tradition sunday roast . look at them .......

look there enjoy it very much.

winnie Uncle lee if you can't find that street come to Pearly home sweet home I cook for you both and your family too and with nice wine too
ossssh wrong wine should have red wine with the roast beef la , but never mind la .
JT would you like to JOINT us too ?


J.T. said...

I would love to have a scrumptious meal at your place. :)

Yesterday, I grilled T-bone steak marinated with some salt & spice and some sherry cooking wine.

Tomorrow I am going to make some Chicken Monterrey (chicken in barbeque sauce and bacon - all grilled). yumm... hahaha

U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, love your home, so cozy. And oh boy! Your gourmet cooking, no joke la! You sure a good cook.
Burrrrrp. Excuse me. Ha ha.
Your kids look so well mannered. Must be your training, huh? UL.

winniethepooh said...

thank you pearly :) will definitely love to. That is such a wonderful spread! if only u can send some over the net hahaha The two gals are the 'homestay' students from China? So lucky to have u to take care of them. :)

PEARLY said...


You all are welcome to my poor home,like I always say to you guy , welcome welcome always xxxxxxx

JT ;
I love the T bone steak can I have some too, EURO is cheap to eat t bone steak, UK is expensive la.

bbq chincken some more huh yumm yummy.xxxxxx

Uncle Lee ;

There got to behave well if not the rolling pin will come after them there got to chabut fast fast lor .

winnie dear :

ya la there are the kids from china the little one is too skinny la derek say by one week we will feed them fat fat to send her home hahahah.
winnie think of holiday ? come to UK la can show you around and nice meal all home coking ok promise xxxx

janicepa said...

so .. the garaj is now the dining area huh..

so many changes dy !!

winniethepooh said...

ur derek so cute one..'the little one too skinny' hahaha thank you for that very kind offer pearly :)will definitely take it up some time when we can afford a holiday :) and thinking of all that nice home cooked food..ure making me hungry!! :)

have a great weekend pearly!

SixzFun* said...

u really a good cook ler!!!! really need to find a chance to try ur cooking...must be 4 thumbs up.....hahahaha

nyonyapenang said...

wow...the food sure looks better than those presented at many restaurants. gua lau hau sooi liao lar....

i love potatoes....just feed me the potatoes...i promise i wash the dishes for you. :D

Sweetpea said...

hhmm.... i don't get a share :(