Sunday, July 01, 2007

My happy brandon no more new BMX this one will do xxxx


janicepa said...

my son look so grown up already ..

waaaaa.. dun wan him to grown so soon !!.. i wan back my baby son !!

PEARLY said...

he is growning biger , look at his happy face with the 2.50 bicycle. he is easying to play ler one thing is like the mummy lucky not like the mama hahahhaha.
how is baby ?

J.T. said...

What a bargain! £2.50 for a bike. I would do that too.

I'll say,"good job" to his daddy. Everyone ends up happy. Brandon is handsome like his brother. And your girl is so pretty (saw their photos previous posting). :)

winniethepooh said...

Wow Thats a really good deal..just 2.50? A tire cost so much more than that over here hehehe..really resourceful daddy to find such a good deal :)

SixzFun* said...

with the 2.50 can make the son & the wife so happy...really good deal..hahahaha

PEARLY said...

hi dear JT ,winnie and grace

yes in Uk the recycle centre is really gud english like to spend and spoil their kids or wife for news thing so ppl like me and derek love bargin that is us lor .
have you even go to the Car boot sale? do there have this in garmany or sori winnie are you from canada ? gosh is really gud here some ppl find a priceless antic wow . is a lot of treatsure in UK . ask Jan she also kind of enjoy a bit of the cat bootsale

J.T. said...

Oh yes... in Germany we have flea markets. I haven't come across the car boot sales. We can find some cheap stuff there. One day, when I return to the States, I will take pictures of two pieces of art I bought from a flea market and put it on my blog. There were only 8 Euros each! I bought two. Lovely renaissance paintings. :)

I love a bargain... anytime!

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Pearly,

Saw you at JT's.

I felt touched when you said this to JT..'only I am not very gud in giving comment'..I felt touched at your honesty..only I think you are a good commenter because you are honest. It is not about anything else, but about being true. Keep that up Pearly, as it is a good human trait.

Wow! A bike at 2.50 quid? What a bargain. I love flea markets. There are more and more in Malaysia now. Take care Pearly.

SixzFun* said...

what jan got from car boot sales?

nyonyapenang said...

that's a great buy...only 2.50!
brandon happy, daddy happy and mommy happiest. :)

PEARLY said...

hi dear JT
you enjoy a bargin , I bet you will love the boot sale here there only have it during summer time , we are the same kind I guess I love to wonder around boot sale looking for oil old paintins . I have colle a few of them will post it to the blog the next time to show, yes I can't wait to see your . well there you can get easyjet fly over to luton I pick you up and we bootsale together , hehehe.

a holiday for you ! lot of bargin now, we can be friend forever .

love pearlyxxxxx

hi dear ruby :

thank for you to drop by , oh yes is a bargin £2.50 . when we first move from london to midland , derek love to go to the recycle place and he love to do repaid from TV to PC anything he can put his hand on , same point we have ten TV in the house , as a chinese we all love to make £££ so I advit at the local new pepper after derek had repaid all those £5 to £8 broken TV we clear it up and sale for secoundhand I sold it for £55 to £60 same £95 . I never put over £100 so I don't have pay £5 for the addv. we sold lot of TV and save up all those ex income and pay for our holiday in Menorca the whole family .
well wat do you think huh not bad recycle in UK .
but not now ,cos TV now a day so cheap in the market , no more secoundhand value . derek now in to laptop hahahhaha.
may be wait for the LCD now hahahha.

will keep in otuch in your blog . thank again have a nice day xxxxxPL

hello nyonyapenang :

How are you ? thank for visit , oh yes is a gud bargin , we all love bargin . as long as bradon happy I am very happy to save all those £££ kekekke.

PL xxxxxxx

U.Lee said...

Hello Pearly, love the fish & Chips, thank you, thank you. Love it, can smell the malt vinegar from here. Ha ha.
Pearly, you one lucky wife with Derek...a real handy man, huh? Its good he teaches the son about money. And can see his smile how happy he is.
Here too lots of people buy second hand stuff, why not? Save money.
Wow! Derek can repair computers too? Okay, I got problems with mine I bring over, huh?
Ha ha. Pearly, you are a wonderful lady. UL.

winniethepooh said...

We have flea market here too, but prices actually aint that cheap compared to the malls (except most will not need to pay taxes, that will save about 14% of the price). wow pearly ure really a 'business woman'! :)

PEARLY said...

dear Uncle Lee :
No problem la , bring over if your PC got problem , my handy derek will fix anything to everything hahah,

he my prive BOB THE FIX men ,

oh yes agree with you , nothing wrong with secound hand thing some time you lucky still can get a gud stuff like old antic some ppl just shop around in bootsale to find antic do make money , sow sow make lot of money also don't know . hheheh
my kids love to get thing in bootsale , I teach them to do bagin too . if ppl asking price for £1 tell them you will pay 50pence only
if there let you you make a 50pence hahha.
there do will cos there got a gud teacher hahha.

thank for drop by nice to have you around .

PEARLY said...

hi winnie :
you got it too, may I ask where are you , in cananda or euro ? will you will love UK boot sale there are really gud , but it only have it during summer time , this year no a lot cos of the rain , I havn't been to one , last week try to do myself a car boot sale to et rid of all my unwated thing around the home but it was so bad weather .
I love to collen oil paintins at the bootsale , I bought a few of them normaly I wouldn't pay more then 10 pound ,most of them cost me from £1 to the most £8 , also there have lovely water clour painnts too . I will try to post it to my blog sometime ,cos JT also love paintins too .

thank for drop by dear .

winniethepooh said...

Pearly, I'm in Canada where Uncle Lee is :)

PEARLY said...

hi winnie :
ok cos I am not sure you in canada or in USA , how long you leave there now?
sori been a kay poo chee heheee.