Monday, July 09, 2007

MY Prive D.I.Y fix men

look at the old wood floor , is getting very horrible not nice , hate it when ppl come and visit just walk in with their shoe and I got some kind of thought that , shoe been to all place a mud or dog poo ect ............
Derek got some new tile so look he get all his hand and feet to fix the cloakroom , it took him 5 days to get all the thing done yesterday back from legoland he cut the grass and finish the tile job so when those Chinese student arrive we have a clear and tidy home to welcome them to stay .
I know I know I am so lucky to have a men fix everything for me , that why I cook everything when he put his order in everyday . Uncle lee you don't have to say I know I know I am very very lucky should love him more more I do I do xxxxxxx thank so much my Derek dear xxxx


U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, wow! Your Derek sure a good man, hubby to have around.
By the way,
1/ That you in the new profile pic? Holy Smoke! You are a ahemmm, cough, cough, gorgeous lady! Lucky Derek!
2/ You have a nice home, but please x'cuse me asking this...I noticed you have radiators to keep you guys warm in winter?
Is it warm enough?
Long ago I stayed with friends in London, and it was winter, taking a shower sure was cold! Ha ha.
Here almost all homes have warm air vents, heaters in basement...anyway, our winters can be extremely cold, up to -28'c!
And even with the warm air circulating, our windows get totally iced up, can't see outside.
Love the colour of your new floor and how much Derek charges per hour? Can call him or not...ha ha.
Best regards and once again, you sure look nice in the profile pic. UL.

J.T. said...

You are a lucky woman to have Derek to do that kind of work. Your new tiles look lovely. That is the colour that will not show dirt. Perfect choice for an entrance hall/cloakroom.

Enjoy it!

winniethepooh said...

Nice tiles..Ur derek very capable (in DIY stuffs) and his pearly is also very capable (from housework, to taking care of everyone from big to small)..what more to ask for? :)

nyonyapenang said...

wow...pearly and derek,

that's a neat and great job. the tiles would be easier to clean and that's very nice warm colour too.

you and derek sure make a formidable a topnotch DIY man and the other a superb wife and mom running the household with precision.

PEARLY said...

dearest Uncle Lee ,JT , WINNIE and darling Nyonyapenang :

you all are very kind to me and derek , we are not so great la , we just always think of our pocket , can't afford to get men come into fix everything, workmenship very expensive la in UK , or ppl come in and ripe you off for it , so must learn la no choise la . me must work hard also la , 3 monkey to look after .. how ler .

thank for drop in my home to all my dearest friend xxxxxxxxx

aiyah nonya said...


This is the first time I am leaving my mark here. Previously only a phanthom reader.

Your DIY hubby is cool to have around.
And the tiles are so nice too.

PEARLY said...

uncle lee ;

you ask does the radiators keep us warm enought .....yes it does we have a gas fire in our living room when winter time we turn on and the whole hourse is very warm we walk around with out t-shirt on not a woodly jumper hahahah my little brandon without shirt ahhaha,
also we are not as cold as canada that why la . I know in canada really cold I will frezze up living there you are so strong huh .

derek say no problem will give you a specail rate you got to wait until we move to canada ok hhahahha,

SixzFun* said...


PEARLY said...

hi dear Aiyah nyonya :

Glad to hear from you , welcome welcome welcome .

well In UK get a fix men cost a lot , that why we must fix ourself every thing to save the penny lor no choice laxxxxx

hi grance

wow! you are a perfect couple ler look at the lovely picture of you and you hubby xxxxxxxx

janicepa said...

m i proud of my bro in law or wat ..

next time i come i will walk in with my shoes.. cos.. it COLD !!!

kakakaka.... i know u wont mind.. cos ... i m ur baby sis.. kakaka

PEARLY said...

oh yes babe Jan, you and your son can do anything , cos as you KNOW and ALWAYS KNOW you get aways for muder
hahahhahah cos we love you and wen wen too , too much the " of you will always get spoil by derek anyway xxxx

Sweetpea said...

u good leh... my hubby told me to 'hire-a-hubby' to do handyman work. like this also can?!

the tiles nice, but cold leh :P great for summer, but now it's winter here, so i see the tiles i 'dar laang jen'

PEARLY said...

sweetpeas dear :
is very easy to clear and we don't feel very cold winter you see the radiator next the wall keep it very warm .walk into our living room we have a gas fire and when it start the whole horse is really warm , we only wear a very light cloth no jumper for us at home .heheh.

you should make eat more lamb keep your bady warm . is true laxxxx