Friday, July 06, 2007

TESCO club card point To LEGOLAND WINSOR
I do all my shopping at Tesco from groceries to cloths from food to everything even petrol too , collect all those point and Tesco will send you cash token you can spend on you daily shopping or you keep it to save for air mile ,as for me I keep it, save it all up to change club card deal to bring kids to Legoland or bowling or diner for just the 2 of us or have a romantic night staying in London hotel , all the information you can look at the above link, when I send off my cash token and apply for Legoland deal as see below and my whole family will be enjoy a lovely weekend in Legoland .
normal price to Legoland for adult cost £31 with Tesco deal token we pay £7.75
child normal price cost £24 and deal token pay only £6
I bought 4 adult and 4 child to Legoland total save £165 ......not bad huh


winniethepooh said...

smart mommy :) hv lots of fun at legoland n i noticed u labelled "this trip is a birthday gift for Oliver" so Happy birthday to Oliver too!

SixzFun* said...

u always got a good bargain hor....:-)