Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Baby baby xxxxxx love them so much xxxxx

Jan Jan PA darling boy

Brandon with JAMIE GREEN
look are they lovely


J.T. said...

Oooo... baby pictures galore!
So cute. Feel like squeezing them.
..and babies go, waaaa, waaa, waaa...
Ok at these babies' ages, all you can do is cradle, kiss and hug 'em.

Don't mind me... so geram looking at these cuties.

winniethepooh said...

all babies look so cute :) hmm..is pearly tempted into having another one? hehehe :P I'm sure stephy will love to have another bb sister and the boys will surely dote on another younger sibling :)

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Pearly,

I love babies. Many said babies love me too. Mums are amazed when I cradle their babies their babies don't cry..ha ha. I may feel soft like pillow..ha ha. Got to diet some more like this lah Pearly..he he.

Wooo that baby is very cute and your son, Brandon will grow up to be a very handsome jejaka...ahh...many girls' hearts will be broken Pearly. You ahve a good day dear, XXX.

PEARLY said...

my deareast JT WINNIE AND RUBY ;

Myself looking at my sister baby , I am feeling like you too , wanted to give him a big cuddle and kiss and smell those new born feet and hand hahah, there smell lovely hahah.

little jamie is lovely we just have a cudle and kisses last weekend there went out with us to Legoland .he is a little cutety

my brandon hahahahhaah. he got lot of gurlfriend already la now hahah.

no TQ my dear friend , I am a free women now , really don't want any more baby haha I know my steph will love to have a bb siter but I love my freedom now , I am now been there done it that it hahhaha.

thank for drop by xxxxxxxxx

janicepa said...

u can ask stephy to come bck n take care mine.. kakaka....

U.Lee said...

Hey Pearly, when did you have a baby? Ha ha. For a moment I thought you had the baby.
So cute too.
By the way, I love that family portrait in your profile pic. Your kids look swell. And you looking good and glamourous in your designer sunglasses.
Keep well, Pearly. UL.

PEARLY said...


sori la is not my babe , one thing gud on I don't have to have a screa bb all the time I still can play with them enought just pass it back to bb parent . really nice ehheheh.

you have a gud weekend too xxxx