Sunday, June 29, 2008


HERE ........ Oliver is fixing the bed side table

Today Derek and me and Brandon went to IKEA to get
a few thing for home
we get 2 bed side table and 5 cheats drawer.
when we arrive home ......
Derek need to do some work for his company on the net so......
I say to Oliver ....
Do u like to try to fix it and learn how to be a handy boy ..
may be u can earn some extra £££ to help those ppl ...
who can't fix D.I.Y thing like my friend ENA ..
Why I say that ..
becos ....
my friend ask me to order her some cabinet ...
when it arrive
I ask her to pick up she say to me ..
I am so disappoint cos I expect when I come and collect
Derek had fix it up for me I got to do it myself .. and I don't know HOW ...
AT the end she call up one of her friend hubby to fix up for her .. cos I told her Derek is Busy can't help .

really .......
should I call lazy or wouldn't do it ?
cos if a 12 years old boy can fix it ???!!!
HOW can a adult can't ?????

look at my boy .

I am sooo proud of him
he fix the first one for ... one hour
just to look at the book and play around .

he love to do LEGO
he say ..
I have got the hang of it mum
is like fixing Lego

look so serious

nearly there ...
without lot of help all fix by himself by reading the fix book .

Here................ this boy had proof to those mummy
who worry about there kids
when some one tell u ....

oh dear! your kids can't do this and that
my can do it and can speak lot then your ....:(

don't worry ok
my oliver can't speak and wouldn't even talk and call me until
he 4 years old and he off nappy on the age of 4 1/2years old
but I can tell you ...
he is the clever one in between my other 2 kids .
he play pc game to all kind of game when he is 3 years old .

look now ...
in half a day he had fix 3 cabinet for me .
be proud of your kids ...
there will be smart when there ready .
don't worry wat other ppl think of your kids ...
slow or ... wat so ever ....
when time come he /she will be very smart without u knowing
here picture of 2 bed side table he done up
the second one it only told him 30 min to fix it .
reward he get from me.................................. just a glass of cola ....:P
he already so happy .
then he say will fix the big cabinet for his dad cos ..
daddy is busy still

here come Stephanie....
come and give her little brother a hand cos
this is a big cabinet it taller then oliver
need 2 ppl hand
Oliver is the one do most of the job steph just give a hand here and there

steph is not a very handy one ...:P

it took them both 45 min to fix the whole thing not bad at all

by the end ....
Stephanie have enough off it...
she walk away and let oliver finish it ....
poor boy ....just like his dad ....
job still got to be DONE

MAY BE ......



as for me I am work free ..hehehhe.


Moonlight_tears said...

I am so proud of Oliver too. Yeah is good to have handy mandy people at home.And Oliver is only 12 years old and I can confirmed that he more handy mandy than my old dude at home. Well done big boy.
I am glad that you got what you wanted in Ikea. Did you eat your swedish meatball? I hope you have a great day.
My eye is better now, it's still uncomfortable but hey, at least I am not blind hehhe.

Sasha said...

he's very good la. If a boy can do it, why can't an adult woman do it? Sometimes its just pure laziness and taking things for granted u know?

dawn said...

Hey there Pearly,

Your Oliver sure "thei sak". What a sweetie he is. Boys are always good in all these fixing and putting things together.

So how is it staying in the house, not working? Bored yet? :)

Cat Cat said...

What a smart boy you have there, Sis Pearly.. That's a great job for 12 years old... Smart smart...

Trinity said...

Whoa!! IKEA!! I am lost in IKEA site now really... so many nice designs!! I can't decide anything coz I want all!! hehehe...

We have no IKEA in Indonesia, we have INDEX instead... not as fun as IKEA I guess...

Oliver, you are smart boy!! 2 thumbs up for you!

Salt & Turmeric said...

oh no. wheres my comment?

PEARLY said...

hi dear nico:
Oh yes , when I look at those cabinet oliver fix, my heart is melt .
I am glad he will use his brain to fix thing will do him well for future.
oh NO ... I didn't get to eat the meat ball but ..... I had hot dog and chip hehehhe and coffer and cole .
I bought a few bag home so I can bake it . do enjoy in Ikea. but stupid tummy and leg get tire all the time only spend 1 1/2 hours there already so tire got to go home .
even get extra bargain too hhehe diner table !!!!!!

PEARLY said...

sasha dear :
you are right, purely lazy and get some do the job then use there own .
it does piss me off lot .

PEARLY said...

dawn dear :
honestly staying at home is really boring ..:(
I hate it . but my body is horrible to me not allow me to go back to work
so i think will cook and bake at home lor ,
oliover is a good boy he love to fix thing use his brain and hand but ....not my little Brandon ... he is useless , if I ask Brandon to do it gosh it will take a mouth may be :P
not all the boy are good with hand >:P

PEARLY said...

cath sis dear :
OH yes ! he does do a well good job .
I watching him to do it all , I think myself .... some part I have no clue and he got it right .:)
he is good with his hand like his dad :P

PEARLY said...

Trinity dear :
Oh I don't know u live in Indonesia.
in UK we have index too . very small
company cos , we have Argos doing the same as index and cheaper so Index can't win.
I love Ikea . when I am in Holland . everything in the house is from Ikea
ahhaha .
thank for the lovely comment from u to oliver

PEARLY said...

hi dear Farina :

Have u lost it some way ????
never mind .... do it once more time !

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
That is so nice ; Good job Oliver !
I like what he said; "it's like putting Lego together". He is an intelligent young man.

PEARLY said...

Barbara dear :

He does love to fix thing , he will spend time in his room play with his Lego the whole day .
good to let them learn from young do him good too when he older .

~ Y@n Y@n ~ said...

he is so clever and good boy.... i can feel how u feel as a mother seeing own boy so smart and helpful in his young age...i'm happy for you too Pearly...weldone OLIVER :-)