Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Make a young boy smile

This is a special request that was sent to BARBARA from Leesa of News from France.

Here's the e-mail that from Leesa :

"A fellow blogger in France just posted about her friend in Poland... A little boy with terminal cancer who is collecting postcards from around the world... If you are able to send one to him from wherever you live.. that would be wonderful.. If you are traveling someone.. maybe you can pick up a postcard and send it ... He lives in Poland.. The name and address are below.. Thanks sooo much Leesa Please send your prayers to this little boy and his family!! "

All the child wants are postcards -- no gifts please.

The boy's name and address are :

Mateusz Langul.

if you wish send him a postcard .......
please e mail to

barb92(at)gmail dot com
many thank
and Barbara will send you the address

I think that this is something easy that anyone can do that can bring a smile to a young boy.

After reading Barbara post , I think is very nice thing to cheer up a little boy
after all just a post card he really want and can make him smile ... so I get him a postcards too .
Barbara and I will encouraging friends and family to participate, and bloggers who would like to pass on this message to copy & post on their blogs.
please do .... make a little boy smile .....:)by just send him a postcard where even you are .....
many thank xxxxxxxxxxxxx


janicepa said...

u can DIY postcard to this boy ... hahaha

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
I didn't what janice said that...
I did send this boy two postcards today.
It's just a kind gesture to a little boy that is very sick .

Thanks Pearly

barbara said...

Sorry for the bad spelling...
I wrote " I didn't understand what Janice said".

PEARLY said...

Hi dear Barbara :
Janice ask me to make one postcard
by using a camera to snap a place and print it out and lamina it to make it like a postcard to send . cos when there here we make a postcard background of BigBen plus Ervin in the background too to send it to my mum and dad .
I also send one to this little boy already this morning .

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
PLease.... I got a comment from the lady would started this postcard project for Mateusz.
The family would prefer that we DO NOT publish his address.
Can you please take out the address & ask your readers to e-mail you for his address ???

Thanks very much; I had no idea that the family did not want to publish the address.

Big hugs to you for mailing a postcard XXXXXXXXXXX

PEARLY said...

Ok will do thank xxxxx

barbara said...

Thank you so much Pearly.
I try and respect the family's wish.
Big hugs to you honey xxxxxxxxx