Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Aiyah Nonya rempah ingredient ........ turn into lovely chicken meal

my REMPAH chicken with BRAHIM'Smasak merah Sauce .
I suppose to cook MEE SIAM when I saw the post
from Aiyah Nonya mee siam
I so wanted to make mee siam that was when my sis Janice still with me,
I had soak the
mee hoon and all the Ingredients
also I had make the rempah too
but during that pass few day derek wanted to cook for Janice so we end up fry the mee hoon
for lunch .
then I have make the rempah wat do with it ????
next I had a whole chicken I thought
why don't I mix with the chop chicken in piece then ,
I use the rempah to mix it and leave it for a day
just like the above picture after mix it up .
the next day I deep fry it

that is wat it look after fry it .
I use the Masak merah sauce add fry potato and onion ring plus some tomato wedge
add a littl water to simmer for 20 min

test really good HONESTLY
my kids also eat it .
Hubby have 2 plate full

I think is also lovely to eat along with chapati too :)

Nicole this one for you , the sauce will on it way to you soon,
so you can also make it for your hubby , is not spicy at all just a very mild one :)
have a good day xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Trinity said...

ayam rempah! wanna taste it! wanna cook it! *look for the recipe* I will visit aiyah nonya.. is there any recipe there?

Salt & Turmeric said...

tht looks good. i love fried chicken berempah. wht kinda rempah did u use?