Friday, June 27, 2008

Thank god ...............I am off work from now........

Here when we went to Rome I am only 13 weeks
still the bump is big ......
.. don't freak out OK
.. here I come

Holy sugar
my work mate ask me .... AM I carry a little elephant inside
I am only 29 week PREGGIE

I don't know how I can go on for another 10 more week
may be I will go and ask DR to induced me soon .

I am getting so tire .... and sleepy most of the time .
get back from work , after diner I already in Bed ,
some day I even got to have my diner
in my bedroom kids or Derek will bring my diner up for me .

I have been sigh off work by the DR yesterday for 2 weeks
then he say will sigh another 2 more weeks by 27 July ,
I will be off work to rest and get ready for baby born ..........9 mouths sit at home with BABY :(
hope it wouldn't be so boring .

I really can't coup any more ,
today I went to tesco to do shopping on my own cos Derek is busy with work , normally he will go with me to push the trolley
I can't even walk around and push the trolley .
feel so heavy and by the time I finish went to do the payment,
I feel like going to give birth holy ..........lucky is not :)

Need to get home fast to lay down
I know.......... old age pregge
wat to do .......:P


dawn said...

Hi Pearly dear,

Your tummy really big, man!! You sure it's not twins you are carrying?? :)

All the weeks off on bed rest, good time for you to rest well before the birth.

You keep well, have your kids fook si you in bed.

L'abeille said...

Woah this is really really big hehe..

Well, get some rest and have a smooth delivery :)

Aiyah Nonya said...

Nice tummy. Let's see...(Me being a 'paat poh')....does your tummy look sharp or rounded.
hehehe.... trying to decide if it is a male or famale.

Btw I know how you feel as you grow bigger. Take care and do rest as much as you can.

Salt & Turmeric said...

ok what for 7mths? it doesnt look too big, just normal. if not maybe twin. tht wud be good too ya? ;)
but maybe u shudn be doing any shopping alone anymore. next time just make sure derek is free then only u go do ur shopping ok?

Cat Cat said...

Take a lot of rest Sis... This is the time for pregnant mama to rest fully and be ready for the new born... Do you know the sex of the baby? Boy or Girl??

Moonlight_tears said...

hehehe, I love your now preggie pic. Evertime you told me your tummy is big, but I have never imagine that big though. It's big but it's really cute, and round. But your body is still very slim.
Well, take care and rest a lot.
By the way, I just got back from the Emergency room, Nicholas scratched my right eye ball this morning, I thought I almost went blind coz my eye coulnd't open. Not playing eye, nose, mouth with him anymore..=P

ruby ahmad said...

Hello Pearly,

I was just about to ask how are you & I already get your status here. Awwww..what a beautiful image...having a baby growing in your womb. Lovely.

Oh I can imagine you slowing down at this stage. It's ok Pearly. It is a noble thing to do. You take it easy ok. Hugs.

PEARLY said...

Dawn .dear ;
so far DR say to me there can only see one babe ... I hope not 2 there it will kill me :P
oh yes ! I will try my best to rest .. but .......
can't promise la I can't sit still one .kekeekk

PEARLY said...

L'abeille babe :

it freak me out daily when I look at myself ahhhaah.
well do thank xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PEARLY said...

Mae dear :
I thought I have told you a BOY as far as I know from the DR ..
I do hope there are wrong .... I really wish it can be a GIRL :)

i will thank xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PEARLY said...

Farina dear :
oh yes after the other day I think I wouldn't be going out on my own la .

I will spend my time at home from now on.
I don't hope is twin la ,too old for 2 crying baby in one go :)

PEARLY said...

Cath sis dear :
Thank's I will try to rest as much as I can since now I am off work ..

is a boy as far as I know from the DR .....:)

PEARLY said...

dear dear NICOLA :
Hope your eyes feeling better after a sleep . take good care of it ok Please ..xxxxx

I told you all the time .. heheheh now you can see .....
have a nice day will catch up with you in the morning xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PEARLY said...

my dear dear RUBY :
So glad to see you here .

yes .. I know I am so clumsy now a day ,will try my best to rest since been sight off by DR .
will be have lot of time to kay poo on the net to visit every one from now on kekekekke.
take care have a lovely day too to you.
will pop over to you soon .
thank soooooooooo much of thinking of me you are so kind xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sasha said...

hang in there!!!

PEARLY said...

sasha darling ;
YOU TOO xxxxxxxxxxxxx both of us are in the same boat .
u take it easy too ok xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
I'm just catching up with your latest posts.
Wow... that baby is growing fast !

I'm glad that you're off work now. I hope that you can rest before the delivery.
I'm sure that your family is going to help you .

Big hugs to you, baby and your beautiful family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PEARLY said...

Barbara dear :
I think the person very happy is my hubby when DR say Sight me off from work ahhahah.

I do feel very boring too .
cos I use to busy now nothing to to to kill time is hard work too sleep and lay around is boring to me .
thank for pop around have a lovely day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx