Saturday, May 31, 2008

TODAY IS A VERY .............SAD ........DAY FOR us .........:(

This morning we get up at 6.30am
get ready to set off at 8am to the airport
JAN and ERVIN date of return to Malaysia
I feel very empty in my heart
feel sad to send them back to Malaysia
wish there can stay longer ..........

Brandon also sad I guess he spend whole night with JAN
he love ERVIN lot he spend most of the time with looking after this little one

ERVIN dress up smart and have his milk and breakfast here he wait for uncle Derek
having his cup of tea be4 we set off

Ervin love to post he is posing for me at the airport
during check in :)

sending them in to departure gate
is a terrible time for me
I really don't wish to see them go .....:(

we hope to see u soon .......
love you both and miss you very much too .


Cat Cat said...

Sis Pearly,
I know how you feel and I also know how your sister, Jan feels.
The same feeling I had when I visited Hong Kong with the girls. My sister didn't want us to go home to USA after we spent 6 days in her house in Hong Kong. Sad to leave but we have our own life and life must go now. Wish we could stay close to our siblings, right?

Trinity said...

hugs to you Pearly... it's always great to have our sister and family around us... sad to be apart... but hey, you will meet again ok? and you always can be near in prayers! God bless you Pearly..

winniethepooh said...

i know how u feel pearly, when i leave that sg airport to come to canada..i cried till as if i was going to flood that airport! :P its always heartache, but always know we will meet again and they will always be in our heart yeah..*hugs hugs*

PEARLY said...

sis cath :
Is the feeling of it cost , when there here with us is so nice keep me very busy with ervin and also becos I am the older sis of jan and I always spoil her is nice to being a big sis for her again.
I feel sorry for her, on the other hand when she go back to malaysia she will be on her own cos she is the only one back home, with me I have WENDY the other sis who live in LONDON , for little sis JAN she been on her own for the pass 10 years .
yes now a day ... just need 13 hours and plus extra ££ we can visit each other .
just wish we can have family closed by :(
wat do do when we have our very own family in other part of the world .
only ppl like you and me will understand the sad thing of no family closed by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
have a lovely sunday xxxx

PEARLY said...

Trinity dear :
Yes I agree with you , just hope to see her soon but I think will be another year s:)

still I should be glad cos this year during FEB I went back to Malaysia and have spend a few day with her during CNY ,and now May have spend 6 day with her and little Ervin all thank to my Other sis wendy who pay for JAN trip to visit LONDON this time .
hope I could win a lottery during my
baby born I could send her a ticket again for her visit kekekekek pray pray every day la from now on

PEARLY said...

my dear dear WINNIE :
gosh so glad to see you here ! hugs hugs first xxxxxx

I hate to send friend or family off at the airport , cos I hate to see them leave .
just like I say be4 just pray to win a lotry I can go back or send her a ticket to come back for another holiday again ehheh.

janicepa said...

hahaha.. dun worry lah .. i can take good care of myself and your precious nephew lah ...

love ya.. thanks lots...

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
I know how hard it is to see family go back home ( or yourself go back). I've been there and I do still get sad.
You have to tell yourself " we all had a great time and there will be a next time ".
That's a long trip back too ; I hope that they get back safely.

I enjoyed seeing your family photos :)

I'am giving you all lots of hugs

Salt & Turmeric said...

6days is too short. next time u can ask her to come for at leat 2 weeks. ;)

PEARLY said...

janice babe ;
you better problem to look after the 2 of you ervin we really miss him lot

PEARLY said...

hi dear Barbara :
yes I agree with you ! wish home is really close by :(

thank for visit us , I am glad u enjoy all those picture :)
yes Ervin and JAN have back home safely .

thank so much xxxxxx

PEARLY said...

dear Farina :
Janice already in UK for a mouths , she went over to my other SIS Wendy who stay in London to look after her she just have a baby girl my babe sis Janice went over to help her for 3 weeks already the last week be4 she go back to Malaysia she come to us to stay for 6 days .
I wish she can stay longer , may be next time when I win a lotry I can send her a air ticket again:)