Friday, May 02, 2008


now a day everything price goes up and up and up........
but our salary the most will get up is 0.25p increase pear hour .. a loaf of bread gone up 0.40p and look at our salary so shit pay .
with 5 of us I always think of a cheaper way to cook our food to save our kids plus must have nutrition for them too .
Here are those health and cheap diner to serve for my kids and hubby .
with the above ingredients
I had ....
all tesco value ..
a tin of bake bean *0.16p
a stick of leek from value bag * 0.20p
mushroom a few *0.10p
a bag of value Bacon *0.85p
some celery leave over from last cooking reduce price *0.15p
a few fresh tomato *0,10p
and a t spoon of tom puree
and some cheese from valeu pack too .
4 large potato * we bought a 10 kg pack cost *£8 can cook 20 time of meal :)

add olive oil to fry the mushroom then add bacon and leek
then add celery fresh tomato
cook for 15/20 min

add a tin og bake bean
add cheese top up

place in the oven for ...... 15 min or 20 in low heart

waaaa la...
all done look so nice with a Jacket potato

put the jacket potato in the over one hour before you start to cook the bacon bean

serve with .. some salade

diner for my kids ......
this below is prepare for hubby
serve with a large potato and the bean bacons with top up cheese

above diner for 4 ...
cost ????





do you believe ... you can't get a jacket potato so colorful in a pub or a cafe
for this price you pay each .... not for 4 personal .
how do you know there are not using the TESCO or Sainbury value too ????
cheap food can make nice and health meal too .
only you got the heart to cook it .


this my diner ......
curry fish with boil rice :P
this cost more then the 4 of them kekee
Malaysian Food does cost more ........

have a lovely weekend and bank holiday *in UK


Moonlight_tears said...

Dear Pearly,
You are really good, they look yummy in the tummy and at a value prie too. Well done =). See you can be iron chef!!! hahahahaha
I am still waiting for my take home chef Curtis, hahahahahh. Pls take care ok!.
Ps. Are you doing car boot sale again this week? If so, good luck, hope you make a lot of money.


Cat Cat said...

Sis Pearly,
I personally think that food/produce in UK is still cheaper than USA...
Food prices is going up and up here... I dare not to go shopping anymore.. Last weekend, we spent over $200 on grocery - usually it was $150 - $170.

Sweetiepie said...

You are a good cook and really know how to make a dish with simple ingredients.Drool drool..yummy.:P

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
Super ! I take my hat off to you ! Not only yummy and healthy but cheap !
I don't have young ones to feed but even to feed an adult, everything is so expensive!! It's MAD like how in the Euro zone the prices have climbed since we switched from our national currencies to the Euro.
A lot of people go to hard discount supermarkets. We don't have one near our home, so we just are careful.

Good work Pearly !

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Wah! Ang moh food look very yummy! BTW rice nowaday is so expensive! From RM28 now it is RM45 per 10kg!!!
I think I better eat ang moh food!
Have a very nice day!

U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, can I share your dinner, yours. I love that fish dish.
You are a fantastic cook.
Have a nice weekend, Pearly, Lee.

PEARLY said...

Nicola dear :
this weekend no boots ale la rain on sunday may be have one on monday cos is our UK may day holiday no work thank god .
oh yes this is very cheap ... diner , wat to do ler everything so expensive , salary still same ,
aiyah no iron chef la , just a bargain wive that all kekkek.
you also take care yourself .
chat with u in the morning xxxx

PEARLY said...

cath sis dear :
I think every where also price goes up and up ..... rice is up every week at the chicness super market, bread flour everything soon we got to eat air .....

petrol also up like no other tomorrow
i also don't dare to go to the shop, now a day i make sure every week only once big shop that it, make use of wat I got to cook diner .even so each week my shopping cost around £120 holy .....

PEARLY said...

sweetie pie dear :
wat to do ? .... I try to bake bread but it don't look as good as your I wonder where u get your recipe ?
my bread turn out still a bit dough .

PEARLY said...

dear dear Barbara :
when I go to back to Holland and I feel euro is not much to spend anymore thing is getting more expensive , when we in Rome , wow for 4 days we spend around £500 . is a lot
why and how come thing so expensive but salary still the same ?????
yes ! if u can go to a ££ save shop it does save a bit like , I try this week on tesco value see how it goes .
wat to do the No4 is on it way must think out a cheap way to live life .
Guess everyone are in the same boat got kids no kids still need to save penny .
have a lovely weekend my dear friendxxxxxxxxxx

PEARLY said...
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PEARLY said...

hi dear Horny :
oh yes ! I went in to our local chiness super market the lady told me better graph a few bag of rice cost the rice price is up nearly every day from £10.50 per 10kg and now goes up to £12.99 holy sugar she say will goes up more ....
by the way potato also goe up price in UK last time is only £7 a big bag now alamah £8 to £9 .
may be see who can think of something we can eat for free ekkekek

PEARLY said...

Uncle Lee :
you are welcome to share with me my diner , this is first time I make curry fish , last time I copy cook 4 fun recipe to cook asam fish , this one I just put this and that well turn out ok la boleh makan :P

J.T. said...

Hi Pearly

A quick note to let you know I am back in the States. Slowly getting back to blogging.

Looks like you had quite a bargain getting stuff at Tesco.

Yinsi Yat said...

Yummy-yummy! now hungry tim.

Rose said...

Nice food! Make me hungry again even after dinner.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Pearly, i can feel ur pain with 3 kids. even for the 2 of us, we see the increase in the amt tht we spent everytime we go to the supermarket. and yes, store brand is equally good too. ;)

Sue said...

Yeah...real good and cheap but now I stick to frozen vegetables from Iceland...

PEARLY said...

dear dear JT :
So glad to hear from u again xxxx

oh yes I am tesco fancy heheh
well it just up the road from me is easy to get there .
this mouth the whole mouths..... we are trying to use ONLY tesco value to cook all kind of dinner and see how much it cost and how much we can save with value product .

PEARLY said...

so long no see wat u up too ?
come and join us there lot of food to share xxxxxxxxxxx:P

PEARLY said...

hi dear ROSE :
how are you ? please do join us heheh |:)

cheap and fast that is wat we need after a long day work :(

PEARLY said...

dear dear FARINA :
you back from your holiday how was is must be FUN FUN FUN .

oh yes every way is the same not food price is up and up , as a mum and wive we must look into some other thing to save the penny .

petrol up also weekly don't know when there will stop the up price ?!!!

PEARLY said...

hi dear SUE :
oh yes ICELAND also is a good way to shop for food I use to shop on line cos I am so sick off go down town to shop and also the pasking make me NUT .
but now ICELAND don't do online shopping so I go to TESCO , just up the road from me is easy , and also I love to go after 8pm there will be all lower price to 010p veg or other thing , wat to do as u know everything price up but salary is right down still :(
how are u getting on how is little IAN ?
have a nice day will pop aroud to you blog xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Salt & Turmeric said...

Pearly, we'r stil in virginia. goin back on may22. doubt the food and gas price are goin down anytime soon. :(