Sunday, April 27, 2008

CAR BOOT season had start .........

So sorry I haven't reply to every comment on my last post ...
I wasn't very well in and out to the hospital for check out and there find out
I have infection ,so I am now on medication, not to worry is fine now.....
Only when baby born I need to have a double check make sure baby is fine.
Then ........

On sat we have a good clear up our home, all those rubbish
we don't need and try to tidy up the house and make up a guess room and baby room
so ...
here is some of my shoe I got to send to boot sale ...

yes! it does take out lot of space
not inclu...
My hubby all those PC... lap top and computer he had

Here ... one of the boot sale place we went on sat
Entrance feed for boot sale cost £6 per car
lot of ppl ..... very lovely sunny day for a car boot sale

Everyone looking for a good bargain

here is my stall with my kids too
teach them from young to be a good sale boy and girl :)

I know this stall look so messy ,
cos hubby just put everything on the table ,
everyone just walk by us and not really wanted to ahve a good look at want we got for sale :(
so on sat we only make £5 plus our entrances
total amount of £5 holy sugar for the whole 5 hours :(
very bad sale
I told hubby how ppl will buy from you when there can't see thing there want to buy
I better make sure the next boot sale I will be the one to display all the thing :P
hhehe I have sold my old shoe around 10 pair for £1 ahhahaha £0.10p per pair
there a Africa men walk around with a big bag stall to stall to buy all those old shoe and he buy from me .....
Another DAY for boots sale
just can't see all those thing bring to the tip to throw away
so we went up to Brandon skol just not far from us
Entrance feed is only £5
and it start at 9am
so here we go when in at 9.15am
a few car already there we are the last one,
lazy ppl like us can't get out of bed early

start the stall up ......this time I make sure all the thing tidy for display
and we do wish to sale this flat PC screen 20 inc just only for £15 good buy

well ! not bad by the end of the day , we did sale a few thing
all those old story book I bought from boot sale for steph to read and she finish with it and I re- sale back and I do make some profit too keke :P
also all those video ..... who want video ler when there..... DVD ....
so ..
all for 50p and I did sale a few
this trip to the boot sale #
we have make .........guess ..........?

£37.50 NOT BAD AT All
we also got a bargain
I am so.......... Please with it
make me feel sooooo

how much I pay for it kekekeekeek

oliver and steph try to give a good clear
not dirty at all just me everything must clear with DETOX


I don't believe myself too
it only cost me
£20 hahaha:P
he open price for £25
I say £20 he say SALE DONE

I am so proud of myself
Derek wanted to buy a brand new set of the nursery furniture for our baby and we thinking to re do up the room make it very smart .
then ......
looking at this cot so new and also so cheap.....
why not huh can save some ££££ , is good so we can use in other thing after all
we are not so lucky can get free gift from friend and family
we must get everything our self that is wat a parent are for I guess .

with my 3 other kids when there young
we got to buy everything by ourself but we are so proud of ourself
we did do a good job as parent
I remember when steph born we don't have lot of ££ so one of my friend ask me to buy her second hand cot from her ,
she sale to me for £50 .. is really not as good as this one I bought today but £50 is good to me cost that time we really can't afford to buy a cot for £200 or more .
but I use that cot for all those 3 of them and then went I finish ,
I re sale all my baby thing to my cleaner who come to my home weekly to help me .

today ...
we are not rich ..... but can afford buy everything new for this new baby .....
BUT like . Nicole say if can save why not ler
I always like BARGAIN kekeek
is me
Honestly after boot sale for the pass 2 days
it make me have the Hang of it
I love it.... cos... I can turn rubbish to ££££
after all English say .......
some people rubbish ,, it may be some people treasure
so I learn today ....
sorry kids


Steph said...

Hiyyy mummy,

I took that picture of your shoes =]
that car boot sale was a big help ;)
because we got rid of a lot of junk
and we made 37 pound out of it yeeeyyy !!

and the new cot we got i cant wait til the cot is in the spare room because it will feel more real and this time next year we will have a baby sleeping somewhere in the house :D
im very happy that im having another brother so never ever think that we are not happy that we are having another brother or another son because they are very cute espically the clothing upstairs ;) we love you very much and we love the little one inside ur tummy love you lots

Stephaniie xxxxxx

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
Good for you all ; you got rid of a few unneeded objects and made some money !
Nice to have made a family project around it with everyone working together.I like that... those children didn't seem too bad !

Very nice buy for the cot also.

I know someone that wants to have a baby ( not yet pregnant !) but is clearing out & cleaning up too.
Making your little nest !

Take care my friend.

PEARLY said...

hi dear Barbara :
thank for pop over , oh yes is time to have spring clear also I think time to time we do collect lot of thing we don't use .I am glad that can get some money back .
oh yes I am so happy today when I get this cot cos I had look around on sat but lot of those cot is not in good condition , wat I got I am really please with it . also the most important thing is ..... BARGAIN :P
have a lovely day my dear friend xxxxx

adrian said...

That baby cot is a very good bargain! :)

Moonlight_tears said...

Hello Pearly
hahah, so that is what car boot sale is all about. It is a very good concept, I donno if we have it in Minnesota. But I know many people have garage sales, unfortunately I have never been to one or else I could find a lot of bargains.
Yeah, you are right about saving. All the stuffs I bought for Nicholas from birth till now are new stuffs and his toys and other neccesities are all brand new full price. First kid so don't mind spending all the moolah but now regretted it because I donno who to give to except to goodwill and other charity. Besides, Nicholas only used them for few months, really wasting. wish you live in MN, so I could give all his stuffs to you. Anyways, well, glad you made some moolah during boot sales and also got a good bargain for your cot. It is really nice. Well done. =)
PS. You still haven't share your happy news yet!!! But I think everyone would have know from Stephy's comment heheheh. She is too adorable isn't she.? Hi stephy *waving to Stephy*

take care okay, get a lot of rest.


PEARLY said...

hi dear Adrian :
Oh yes .... Love boots sale :)

PEARLY said...

my dear Nicola:
oh yes! if I live by you ehhehhehthat will be good huh .lot of bargain to:P hahah.u never know may be !

oh yes !I enjoy Sunday salemyou can see kids also enjoy too , it make more ££ then on sat , anyway we will try again on next week cos still got a few thing not sale yet but I think if I look up the loaff there will be lot for sale ahhahaha
and I think book also the best sale too :)
I am really so happy when I got such a lovely cot and so cheap :)
thank for your advise my lovely :)

will chat with you after work !
have a nice day xxxxx

dawn said...

Hi Pearly,

That's what boot sale is, like the garage sales here in US. I love going to these sales, too, you get the stuff at cheaper prices but then it's dangerous for me, I then to buy, buy even tho i don't need it!

So, sounds like a boy is on the way, huh? :)

Take are, Pearly.

Boh Chee said...

You better take good care of yourself, my dear.How come u didn't post your own pregnant photos? hehehe.....

Salt & Turmeric said...

i wish u were here in the US so i can grab tht flat screen! thts so cheap. oh yeah, tht baby cot is a real bargain. i dont mind 2nd hand as long as they clean and still look good. :)

PEARLY said...

dear steph daughter dear :
I hope this friday after skol you can look around your room and find some thing your wil never use to put for the boot sale this coming sat , that will be great too for me .
love you xxxxx mummy

PEARLY said...

dear dear Dawn :
Yes! when you come over to UK make sure around this time of the year you can have a good look at boot sale it last until end of sept :P

yes is nice to find bargain some thing you find good stuff for under £1 , but you alway can resale it again like those book I get for steph I make a profit too :)

wish you were here we can really enjoy the boot sale hehehheh.
have a lovely day

PEARLY said...

boh chee dear :
thank for pop over for a visit try to pop over to you but can't find you on the blog .
thanks I will . the next time may be if some one willing to snap a picture of me with my fat tummy I will post it out heheh:)

PEARLY said...

dear farina :
As I say to Dawn is really good to come over to UK and have a good boot sale walk around and see wat u can get I love it myself too .
sorry la if I know u want it I will keep it for you and mail post to you :P

oh yes I am so happy with my cot a great bargain ,
I love to walk around to collect oil painting at the boot sale ,
also japans cook were too . is real cheap .

Salt & Turmeric said...

oohh iv seen the japanese cookware. they are lovely!

Sasha said...

good bargain. If its nice and okay, why not buy 2nd hand right?

So girl or boy?

Aiyah Nonya said...

Boot sales here is not very popular. But we do have a street (under the hot sun) where most 2nd stuff are on sale. Others are at more conducive locations with more clothing and hip stuff.

Btw the bed is a bargian, Good for you.
What would you like for your baby shower ?

PEARLY said...

farina dear :
yes a lot of my diner dish I get from the boot sale and it only cost me like £0.20p each hhaa and also ang moo only use to display so never use .
I love it last week I got 2 breakfast
for £0.75p for the pair of it .
I bet u will enjoy lot if u in UK .

PEARLY said...

sasha dear :
Oh dear ......:( I got a BOY :{
I wish to have a girl but god say ... NO wor ... never mind la boy also ok la .

oh yes I don't mind as long as it clear and not so bad , some of my friend eve offer to give me their old baby thing ,I will had it after all baby thing only use for a few mouth to a year then no use anymore there grown out of it better save money for the future , :)
so are u going to find out too ?

PEARLY said...

Mae dear :
no baby shower here la in UK not fashion ekkke too much work for me after I got to cook for the whole party I die .. cos I am so tire everyday after work .
Derek had got a new steaming and some
new feeding bottle and now a cot also Derek had bought baby some cloth
steph choice it .
I am not in the hurry to buy everything la . still got 4 mouths to go . save more money now look out for a bargain heheeh.
you and Dawn will enjoy boot sale .

Sweetpea said...

job well done, pearly! that IS very new. hope all is fine. smooth pregnancy and speedy delivery!

Aiyah Nonya said...


I always like flea markets/ pasar malams. Just strolling around is fun. Especially the pasar malams in Malaysia. Lots of tempting snacks everywhere. :)

ruby ahmad said...

Hellooooo Pearly,

What a clever mother-to-be! Buying that beautiful cot for 20 quid!! It can only happen in the UK. Best lah.

I wish we have nice car boot sales in M'sia. Although flea markets are catching fast.

Glad to hear you are getting better.

Hey Pearly, I met JT here in KL. It was nice having coffee and gossiping..he he.

PEARLY said...

hi dear Mae :
I use to love it too . walk around the pasar malam and get sme food and walk pass every stall is real fun
the most fun thing is bargain with them ekke.

PEARLY said...

dear dear Ruby :
I wish I were there too have nice day our with you and JT . the next time I promise to stay longer and make sure meet up with you too .
oh yes ! when I first time come to UK from Holland I really don't enjoy it thought ...WHY buy second hard thing when you can buy NEW and clear , then I learn it by years and I love it now cos I can get lot of bargain some time get a low price and is still in a box brand new never been USE ,
thank so much for pop over for a visit .
have a lovely weekend my dear xxxxx

Sweetiepie said...

wow,you guys really enjoy the boots sale.You kids looks so excited clean up the cot.I love bargain too.