Thursday, April 03, 2008

FOOD MORE FOOD ...........

A week of sick leave does driver me
as you know
I can't sit still for half a day
so bore at home doing Nothing
so .......
I be good as Nicole say I must eat well
I cook my lunch today see above
porridge with pork and *pei tan " black picker egg
with fry mee hoon.
mee hoon

pei tan porridge with pork

oh yes ....
chili padi mmmmm
can't live without it

I didn't eat a lone ,I invite my best friend Evelyn to join me for lunch,
she is a very good friend of mine ,the day I move to Northampton from London,
she always there to help me and I will do my best to return help
but we don't see each other that much ,cos I am working all the time.
so this week since I am on sick leave and bore, I have been cooking lot of lunch to diner,
I invite her to join me or *tat poi " take away for her :)
she love food but not good in cook
so if she hear I am cooking she will be so happy to join me :)
so we do enjoy our lunch together and she is so happy too .
as for my baby......
it does enjoy lovely lunch /breakfast too cos it very happy to ZZZZZZZ
wat can I cook tomorrow
cos kids holiday start and there all will be
AT HOME ......:(
let me have a snap and dream of food see.........
have a lovely day


Aiyah Nonya said...

Reminds me of the typical simple fare offered by the side street hawker.
Hope you are much better now. Take care.

Dawn said...

Wah, sick also can cook so much? :) How you make that porridge look so smooth?? My porridge look so rough, you know what I mean?

Hope you feel better. Take care, Pearly. BTW, I send you a yahoo chat confirmation. it's my chinese name, not English name.

U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, can I come over for lunch of your fabulous porridge. Holy Smoke!
You if not married, very dangerous to bachelors...two spoons of your delicious porridge, pei tan and noodles, habis cherita, next thing eat wedding cake, arhaaa ha ha.
What to cook tomorrow?
Hey, if boleh, try hum choy pai kuat tong, foo yong tan, or curry yee tow? Oooops, maybe your family might not go overboard for curry yee tow?
Then fried or baked mackeral?
Alamak, tell you this my mouth drooling, ha ha.
What about tiger shrimp and pineapple lemak?
You stay easy, Pearly, UL.

Sasha said...

u take care ok? I'm also senget la.. my hip bone is liek coming out cos i drive manual car and i got slip disc -backbone. I wanna take MC also but cannot cos gotto save mc for my delivery . I have only one freaking month of maternity. Sigh

And yr porridge looks yummy


i want...

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,

I hope that you will be able to get off your sick leave soon and get back into business.
I can understand that you're bored :(

If you want to look at a few pictures of Paris, they are up at my blog. I have been doing photo editing.

Take care dear friend.

PEARLY said...

Hi dear Mae :
yes is getting better and I started to be very bore now , that why cook this and that .
but havn't try the Kaya yet .
have a nice weekend xxxxx

PEARLY said...

hi dear Dawn :
wow have u pack yet , is the day to Las Vegas lucky u win win win ok .
wat I do is I boil the water first be4 I wash the rice and add some oliver oil into the rice add salt and pepper to test then when water boil add the rice into it , make sure enough water too lilt water it will turn into rice porridge then a smooth one but u keep an eye on it stir time to time when it turn into soft rice add spare rib or pork or chicken in and cook util it turn really smooth if dry up keep add a little water .
sick also must cook la can't eat all the time ang moo food la I am Malaysian la wat to do :)

Rose said...

It is always good to cook at home! Good for u and bb!

PEARLY said...

Uncle Lee :
welcome to join me for lunch we having ang moo lunch today Derek had bake us some quiche yesterday really for lunch today .keekek is yummy too .

tonight is Derek cooking cos I can't stand the smell of curry but Derek going to cook redang chicken tonight diner keke
my kids love prawn will try the curry prawn without pinapple kids not a big fun.
love baked mackerel me and the boys
foo young tan woo derek best dish

thank for all those menu will give it a go
have a lovely weekend

PEARLY said...

sasha dear :
U poor thing , take it easy , is really hurt la wat u got slip disc -backbone. I have the same too . we get pay sick leave and we will have 9 mouths pay maternity but not a full pay only 90% for first 6 weeks then stand rate around £112 pound a week
for up to 9 mouths.
malaysia there kick u back to work after one mouths is not good for the baby and mummy la .
u take it easy ok .
if real hurt don;t work take MC is very painful wan la no joke .
have a lovely weekend xxx

PEARLY said...

Barbara dear :
Oh yes I am looking forward to go back to work , thank for pop over for a visit will pop over to check it out you new picture can't wait xxxx
have lovely weekendxxxx