Sunday, April 20, 2008

KIDS for you today ............

I believe lot of parent have the same thing wat I have went through
we have kids when there young there are so sweet ....
when there are baby cute and adorable
but when there turn in to 2 .......
holy....... scary..... a terrible 2 have come to the door ..
knock knock ... I am coming in
then .....
when there pass 3 there make sense a bit ...
will listen to us
sometime have their moment
but still ok to cope
look at my steph
she is lovely

6 year old birthday still a good girl
still mummy girl will do wat mummy want

sweet little one 7 years old

kids play happy all the time age of 10 ,9 ,8

play well at the back garden
Brandon is 3 years oliver 4 years plus steph is 6 years

oliver 4 years old birthday

holy sugar ... here oliver turn to 12 years
well one more years to go
he will turn into a terrible teen .... like wat I need to talk about today
cos I already have one NOW it driver me NUT

look sweet little Brandon below he is 2 years
he is such a pain in the bottom
when he in the terrible 2 mood

here he was 4 years old so sweet everything he want will come and ask
*mummy can I have this or not ?

oliver ........

look very good sis look after her little brother

sweet time we had in Algrave Portugal

look adore her brother

2 and and half years old her
holy .... but still a good girl

will post whatever we want her to do

play mummy all the time and help me to look after the 2 baby brother too

out for diner all the 3 kids

NOW LOOK 10 years old of Brandon
already start very moody
pisss off big time
kick off fast ...... holy teen it start early with him

oliver sleepy pig lated and lated to get up each day
12 years old lazy teeth start

Stephanie ...... bloody teen now 13 years going to 14 ...
mood swim from this to that like a YOYO
mood ......... WOOP....... this is wat I WANT TO TALK ABOUT TODAY
the other day I come back from work I am so tire I ask her to do something and she say ... wait and then wait normal I have no patient with wait I wan them to do it RIGHT NOW !
then she have a go at me and get very piss of and answer me back
I start to get very cross with her also I am so tire and in lot of pain
then I short at her and say to her
* If I have know u such a mood bitch I will rather to give birth en EGG /CHAI SIEW* Nicole say is better *
then go through 19 hours of stress to give birth you and suffer the rest of my life !

Derek ask me wat u talking about .....wat to do with EGG and lyn egg or chai siew ?
ANG MOO >>>>>>>????????

so here I explain to him ....
look this is a Chinese saying ...
give birth to a child so not greatful to the mum and behave so badly
we normally will say give birth EGG OR CHAI SIEW BETTER THEN kids .

as DEREK always love to have Chinese the FONG YONG EGG WITH CHAI SIEW AND RICE
SO I use this to make a simple ...
look steph is so rude and not helpful
so if I lyn an EGG or chai siew I can make fry egg with chai siew for u for diner save u to go order Chinese take away then get angry with steph big time .
YOU GET WAT THE meanings ?????

DEREK SAY ......... no still next time I will do it in action to show him I guess .

DO U ALL HAve the same problem with your ANG MOO HUBBY too with our Chinese word ????



look are there cute when there so ..........young


Aiyah Nonya said...

By the time you explain the meaning your steam will be nearly gone.
Explaining in English loses the true meaning.

Anyway stay cool.

adrian said...

First I have to say u have beautiful kids.

I guess we parents have no choice but to go thru their teenage rebellion years. My dotter is only 8 and is oledi sometimes very 'deng khang' - talk back.

But what to do? Kids! :P

Moonlight_tears said...

hahahaha, this is so funny. Well, even Nicholas is only 2, I alreday have that kind of feeling that it's better to give birth to char siew, when he got so naughty. Yeah, cannot explain to him yet, he donno what is the meaning, my hubby donno the meaning either. Guess can't blame them, they are not chinese. I watched too much cantonese movie I guess. Lasttime, when I watched the drama, the mom or dad get pissed and sd, if I know I rather give birth to a piece of cahr siew at least I can eat, I used to think what kind of statement is that, it's funny, but when I have kid I truly know the meaning.Hey but I still love my Nicholas , eventho he is terrible this age..breathe in breathe out..

take care

Cat Cat said...

Sis Pearly,
Kids are all the same... My also make me sakit hati...

In the last picture, Steph looks so grown up... Like 18 years old girl... Wah, you sudah bahagia Sis, anak already besar2. Mine kecik lagi, got to wait 15 more years... Huhuhu.

PEARLY said...

Hi dear Mae :
ya la you are right kakaak.
better keep it and warm our tummy kekeke.
may be 10 years lated he will be more chines then ANG MOO .

PEARLY said...

hi dear adrian:
ya la ! kids now a day very good in
*deng khang* in our day if we do so we die lei ... will bet the shit by parent .. now if we slap them we will get sue ... by our own kids :P

thank for your lovely comment

have a nice day too

PEARLY said...

hi dear dear Nicole :
wat to do ler .... is our beloved kids ... not EGG/chaisiew you like it or not still kids we got to love them dearly .
if I can give birth EGG or chai siew it will cost me less for food shopping hahah I will have fun every night busy to bake chai siew for diner haahhaah.
thank for pop over
you are great xxxxxxx

PEARLY said...

dear dear sis cath :

no la step now only 13 years old give another 5 more years I guess will be busy collect fry mee from all her boy friend .....oh dear .. no fry mee ler UK .. silly ler .

your girl so pretty ..... not long to go ler all boy knock on your door kkekeek|:P
also kid now a day there are really smart then our day we are really soi soi one .

U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, couldn't help smiling read your posting re your kids.
And I guess girls always mature faster than boys and once into their teens...look out mummy, "I'm a big girl now", ha ha.
Never mind Pearly, what you going thru is what every mother goes thru.
I had a friend in KL, 8 children, two sets of twins, all 6 girls, two boys. The boys the you can imagine what the mother went thru.
But today? All grown up, 3 are doctors, 1 a lawyer, two in business and 2 teachers. 4 grandchildren.
And the grandmother happy to care for the grandchildren.
One would think she did not have enough problems when her own kids were young, ha ha.
You stay easy, Pearly...your kids will grow up fast and before long, you and Derek will be empty nesters, ha ha. UL.

dawn said...


Your kids are really cute. I suppose as an outsider they look darn sweet, but for you, you wanna vomit blood!

Speaking of trying to explain a Chinese phras to a gwai loh, I do a literal translation, most of the time the man will get it, but some times he will give me this look as if I'm talking Greek!

You stay cool, Pearly. Oh, BTW, I have been to Vegas yet. It's May 4 I'm leaving for Vegas. 2 more weeks.

Skwermy said...

Ya lor, my ang mo husband also has a look on his face when I start rattling off chinese/malaysian swear words at people LOL But his expression is priceless though. Hang in there, the worst of teens do snap out of it and turn around. (Look at me!)

I Cook4Fun said...

I always have problem explaining out Chinese ways to my husband especially our traditions and customs but he find it hard to understand. Sometime I try to give him some direct translation of our Chinese proverbs but it was difficult :) :)

simmie said...

hey Skwermy, I'm in MN too!!!

simmie said...

pearly, thanks for sharing the pics of your lovely children. I'm sure this is just a phase all teenagers go through. You just hang on in there...

Sweetiepie said...

Those pics are awesome.Ya i agreed with what you said.Kids grow up so fast and their attidude also change very fast.I don't have ang moh in the family but now I also found very difficult to explain the chinese saying to the kids cuz they don't even speak chinese with me now.:(
I think my hubby and I spoil them too much cuz in canada we can't beat them or yell at them too loud..the neighbour will call the cops so everytime they don't listen to me I can't even get mad and scold them in a very loud way.:(

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
I don't have any words of wisdom for you as I never have been a Mom.
But, we all have been teens.
Hard to explain these phases, except for all those changes going on.
Awfully confusing to have everything change in you.

What you do best is to love them and guide them.

U.Lee said...

Hello Pearly, just dropped by say hello. Hope you in fine health. Best regrds, UL.




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