Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Now a day anything I can cook in 30 min ...
it will do for me ..............

the below diner cook in 30min
boil egg in 7 min
wash and cook the rice

cut some red onion ring
1kg of prawn *
cos my kids love prawn sooo I put in 1 kg *

stir fry the onion ring
add prawn in fry a bit

a bag of
this :)
Then it turn into


yummy fast food
kids love it
for me
I wish it can be a bit spicy and hot hot
but if it does
my kids can't enjoy it .
I got to put them first :(


Cat Cat said...

Wah, your kids so pandai eat nasi lemak ya.. My two girls only eat the cucumbers... A big lost for them, eh...??

L'abeille said...

Oh yes! Brahim's sauce.. I love using these packet sauces whenever I want a quick dinner :)

janicepa said...

make me salivated.. i wan to eat prawn .. me love prawn too ...

Trinity said...

wah you count everything including boil the egg hehahaha

PEARLY said...

cath sis :
My kids know there are half ang moo half Malaysian Chinese, so there do enjoy most of the Malaysian food and Chinese food too , well train heheheh cos if I cook there don't eat then there cook them self hehhe.

PEARLY said...

L'abeille dear :
oh yes I agree with you is fast and easy I love it , here in our Chinese super market there only sale this brand so I have a few nice curry sauce even my kids enjoy eating them and hubby also love to cook now cos he think is easy .

PEARLY said...

Jan babe sis :
Yes! I know u love prawn xxxx:) cos when u here I fry you the mee hoong prawn u eat all:) .if u have stay longer u will have lot to eat lol

may be u got to wait for another 3 years to return to UK or USA or Australia ...........:)

PEARLY said...

Trinity dear :
Ya LOR ! Now a day I do nothing also get tire very fast , so most of the tiem I lay around and full a sleep by the tiem I note is diner time so I go to be fast la ... court every min . also a tips for u .... to boil egg .
the best egg is to boil in 7 min and rinse in cold water then it will be very soft and lovely .

Salt & Turmeric said...

haha. ur kids are well-trained indeed! ur so sarat still can eat pedas? its good tht u have the brahim pre-made sauce. it cuts the time so much esp for ur condition. ;)

barbara said...

Sorry I'm a day late...
Wishing Ervin another very happy and healthy year.
I hope you got lot's of nice gifts.

barbara said...

So much for precision... he he
Yeah; Ervin's up there and the great cooking is here.
Once again Pearly, you are making our mouths water.