Monday, July 21, 2008


It took us 55min from our home to arrive
here ........


surprise to know Shakespeare home is in the main center
I been here 3 time only this time I find the place .

I love the place
I been here 10 years ago !

sitting outside the Shakespeare home having our cream tea .......

all this .....
cost £12.95p
wat a ripe off
it doesn't even test as good .....
cost is not with Devon cream just normal cream

Brandon been when he is only 3 years old ......
now ... he is a big boy
we return becos .......
look at below picture

we having another 3 more student from china .....
yesterday Sunday is a day there stay with us there are lovely kids and love to visit around England and there only stay with us for 10 days , also we have a lovely sunny day so Derek say bring them out for a visit after all we havn't been back to Stratford-Upon-Avon for a very long time we went there on our 10 years wedding anniversary , we supose to stay over night there but when we fine out we got to pay £200 per night for the Hotel ....... we jut have a afternoon there and we went to othere place for a night stay ..:)
yesterday return we find out more about shakespeare .... and his family ..... tree ...
it will be more picture to come ....
but so far here for now..
must go and change I have appointment to scar the baby today .... will be more ,, news ok xxxxxxxxx


Rose said...

Pearly, look forward to your good news!! wow! ur tummy getting bigger.... Take care, my friend

ICook4Fun said...

Pearly, are those kids exchange students? Must be a handful for you since you have to take care and cook for them and your own kids and now you are pregnant. Must be very tiring. Take care my dear!!

Sue said...

Pearly! How are you? Can't wait to see when your baby comes. Who will help you with the baby? Anyway, keep us up to date! By the way, how you get the students from China? Do you join something or what? By the way, can you email me your address? Maybe I can come and visit you? Cheers!

pearly said...

hi dear Rose :
Long time no chat , must be busy ...:)
glad to see u around . oh yes will up date anything happen to the new baby so far the DR say give me 4 weeks time and will sit me a date to bring my baby out to the world . soooo I really can't wait la.
will keep inform thank for pop over

pearly said...

dear Cook 4 fun :
oh yes there are kids from china only come here for 10 to 15 days . during summer time , if fun to have them , since now I am off work so I can look after them not a problem also my kids and hubby help a bit , tire... yes! it does but look at the extra ....££ I can get :) that when I am tire I tell myself hahahha oh yes! I know I am really £ face haha.
great to have u pop around to me .
Thank again my dear dear friendxxxx
thank again .

pearly said...

my dear SUe : I have send you a e mail all about those china kids . hope you can get in touch with them and find out more in your area .
hahahha as you know .... No one wil help .... only my hubby la all 3 we do it ourself so this one also , I have told by my Dr I will give a date to go into the hospital to Indus the baby to be born in 5 weeks time I really can't wait may be my in law will come over , I don't know la . I don't really care that much , after all Derek can do the cooking and kids can do the clear up hehehe.
I can do some myself I don't really worry that much la . go through all 3 kids still kicking a live hahah.
oh yes you are well well come to brign little one to our home .
hope to see you soon ... Ian will enjoy it cos my boys will bring him out the garden to kick footie

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
I what a lovely visit; I would love to visit Shakespeare's birthplace. I like History. You are such a cool hostess to take your guests around like this. I'm sure that they were enchanted.
Yeah; rip off just for the prices of ice cream & hotels !
It happens like that everytime a city is visited by tourists !!

You take care; I hope to chat with you again soon.

Big hugs

Trinity said...

Wah, it has been my dream for a long time to visit STATFORD -UPON -AVON, since I was graduated from faculty of letters, English department.. and I learnt about shakespeare 2 semesters.. hehe... My friend bought Shakespeare diary when she visited there, it was so interesting, I love that book.. do you know it? Shakespeare was a funny and creative man, I guess.. so impressive, I can't forget that diary.. sometimes, I borrow it from my friend to see it again.. hehehe

Nux V said...

wow! u taking care of those exchange student kids? cool!
lovely photos there!

Aiyah Nonya said...

Hey I left a comment here the other day now it is missing pulak.

Anyway to cut it short I just want to say you look good and take care. All those travelling must be tiring.

Wish I had been to the Bard's town when I was in UK.

Sasha said...

Wei What happened to you???!! never see u for many days edi!

pearly said...

hi dear Trinity
is a lovely place I don't know lot about him but I do really love this place the next time you visit UK u must drop by then xxxxxxxxxxx

pearly said...

Barbara dear :
OH yes ! when u vist UK do drop by and we will bring you to this lovely place , oh yes every way is the same .when there tourists it will be rips off :(

have a nice day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

pearly said...

Nux V dear :
yes I look after those kids from china only 2 time a year there come to visit ,there do enjoy this trips very much bless them .
lovely kids
thank for pop over xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

pearly said...

dear dear Mae :
Thank for pop around ....
the Next time when you come I will make sure you will not miss it ok will bring you there too :)

pearly said...

my dear dear Sasha :
so sorry la ..... not been very well also baby is very notty la every night do go to sleep I got to wake up whole night so during day time I catch some sleep loh.