Monday, July 07, 2008

Polish Goulash ...............for beef lover ...................

As usual of me TESCO value product
I use 2 pack of value tesco stewing beef
£3.05 per pack
because I need to feed
5 kids and 2 adult
6 potato cut in cube
2 carrot in cube
3 red onion fine chop
a small bowl of sweet corn
3 fresh tomato
one cube of beef stock and one cube of chicken stock
one tin of plum tomato
a teaspoon of tomato puree
2 teaspoon or paprika powder
salt and pepper
one teaspoon of hot chill powder
*option .....
Can add bell pepper or sweet red pepper .

to make it hot
but my kids don't like any pepper
also at the moment I had
Chinese student
staying with me and there only 11 years old can't eat anything hot .

cooking time around 2and a half hours
fry the onion brown add the beef * beef have mix with salt and plan flour *
beef brown
add 4 bay leaf and tom puree
beef and chicken stock cube

then a tin of plum tom
stew for hour and a half
then add in potato and carrot and sweet corn
carry on stew for another hour until meat is tender
ready boil rice

add 4 small cube of butter
make the sauce creamy


Derek having 2 plate full
he say is nice but I think is he is too hungry
cos haven't had lunch whole day :)
cost of this diner ....................

Under £8 for 5 kids and 2 adult
cheap cheap cheap


Sasha said...

yummy! but i cannot eat beef :(

Aiyah Nonya said...

Looks yummy.....
I prefer it with bread. Yeah I lke to dunk the bread and soak up the gravy....yummy.... :)

Btw I am too lazy to post any in my food blog. Getting lazy.

Have a lovely weekend and take care

pearly said...

Sasha no beef can use Pork la
no problem still very yummy and fast easy for ppl like you and MEEEEE

pearly said...

Mae dear :
Oh yes hubby love to soak with break too especially with home bake bread mmmmm.
never mind la .. not lazy is the mood .... some time we have no mood to post only wanted to kay poo only .
some time I kay po also lazy to put comment even the comment in my heard I lazy to type it ahhahah
yes next week my kido holiday start will be have lot of helper to do house work for me hehe.

Nux V said...

simply tempting!