Sunday, January 20, 2008

MY Messy weekend ... tidy up clear up and BIN it ...

Oh dear ..... wat a week for me , looking around my whole house
there box every where , Derek bring it all from the loaf and is time to get rid of lot of the thing we don't need to keep last week we have a the whole weekend clear up and leave all those box
every room .
This wee is to clear it up also must clear up my son room ready to make some ££££
I have got some chines kids coming over to stay for 12 days
My son room is just the same as last year messy ,
so I got to bring out my stick to get them to tidy up
we did clear up lot of toy broking toy to bin .
we got a nice clear room .

still got lot of tidy up
I look at my blog
Miss me
so I must
post out some of my news to share
so everyone will know I am fine

after this xxxx
I got to go back to start my tidy up JOB again
write a list to do some shopping
I need to make the 2 Chinese girl 3 meal a day
I love to have them cost I do get pay £95 a week
not bad huh .
12 days nanny
will earn
£300 plus
can save there
our holiday to

Me and Derek
are going to ROME
just the 2 of US
NO kids kekkekek
I get a free vacation pay by my company
because each year each off the branch nursery will reward one staff
for the 5 Star award .
vote by the nursery staff and parent
This year is my
so I am looking forward to go .........
so NOW I must save up some spending Money to bring my hubby for a holiday
earn by ME kkekke.
I am so proud of it
this holiday will be me the one pay for it
normally Derek pay for all the holiday
this time I can show off .
so that is my week tidy week .
very much


winniethepooh said...

congrats and so proud of u pearly! to romantic just u and ur derek :)) its nice to go on a 'honeymoon' again hehehe..

hope u will finish tidying up soon..hv a great weekend!

aiyah nonya said...

Congratulations. Rome... 2nd honeymoon. :)

Rose said...

I am sssssoooo jealous!! Can I come along with you to Rome! :P

Anyway, enjoy yourself there! And remember to take lots of photos and post on your blog for my eyes-washing!!! hahahah!

I am also planning for a holiday this year with hubby, minus little gal! a bit reluctant and guilty, but i guess need to make some quality time together! ;p

Aiyah Nonya said...

Hi, I am back again. Just want to tell you I am soooooooooooooooo jealous too ! :)

Plus I am going back to Ipoh this CNY. If you are around maybe we can meet up. You can contact me at

Have a nice day.

Moonlight_tears said...

Oh, how could you make me miss you huh? Lol. Oh, I am really glad that everything is fine with you, it's okay to be busy, we all here understand.
So happy for you that you get to go Rome, are you going on Valentines day? It's gonna be so fun for you to have honeymoon.
Well, you take care okay, pls don't forget we all here miss you.


barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
How are you ?
Congrats on being awarded the trip to Rome ! Very nice, just you and your hubby ;)
Nice to catch up with you. I don't need kids to have things to clean up. My husband has an spare room that is just as bad :< !

You take care and have a nice day.

barbara said...
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J.T. said...

Hi Pearly

Wow.. Rome. Lucky you. And the best part, you get to feel proud for being the person who will make that holiday possible for you and Derek.

Have fun! Miss you lots.

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
It's me again :)
If you have time, come and see your award.
Take care

AceOne118 said...

Wow!! Got free vacation to ROME!!! Your company so goon wan.

nyonyapenang said...

CONGRATS! You are a Star Performer and you are rewarded for your hard work. Derek and your kids must be so proud of you. Now you taking Derek for a! Enjoyssssss...

~ Y@n Y@n ~ said...

wah......awarded to go proud of u la.... and i am happy for you too.... u can cook...can take care children very even got awarded to ROME...CONGRATS...! so when is the holiday?

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Pearly,
Congratulations for the free trip to Rome. Lucky you! Going to Rome is one of my dream. But when oh when will it come true is what matter.....haha! Enjoy your vacation to the fullest! :-))

Moonlight_tears said...

Hi Pretty momma,
I know you are so busy, but I just want to say hi and check on you, seeing how you have been? We miss you though...


dawn said...

Hi Pearly,

Thought I drop you a note to wish you Kung Hei Fatt Choy! Hope you had a great trip.

Take care.

Sue said...


Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

PEARLY said...

hi winnie dear :
Oh yes this trips will be the 2 of us no kids my MIL will be babysit for me going to Rome on the 7/3/08 can't wait is my dream place too and Derek too we plan to go to Rome for long time sometime check out the price is too expensive so didn't get to go but this time is FREE must go la kekekkeke

PEARLY said...

dear mae :
Thank .... honeymoon ka ?????? haha.
just the 2 of us can say like that la kekekkekek.

PEARLY said...

rose dear :
sorry for my lated reply ....
you are welcome to come alone my dear .
is my dream place too as I mention to winnie , now I am really looking forward to visit .promise you I will snap as much as I could xxxxxxx

PEARLY said...

Nicole dear :
No la , we are going on the 7/3/08 .
just back from malaysia in 2 week time will off to rome my boss will kill me at this moment I am on sick leave too .really HOLY sugar lor xxxxx

PEARLY said...

Barbara dear :
so sorry Now only reply to you as you know I am away without telling everyone , so I am return so sorry I miss out lot .
I will go back to check it out post by post on your blog hope I didn't miss out lot .
yes I am so please to go to Rome no long to go 2 more week me and hubby will be fly off for few day xxxxxx

PEARLY said...

JT darling :
Thank , yes I am thinking just wat you mention derek had done a lot for me over the years , I am so proud of myself this time to get this award .

PEARLY said...

ace118 dear :
yes ...... Rome my dream place and for Free some more kkeekek.

PEARLY said...

nyonyapenang dear :
so sorry didn't get to meet up with you back to malaysia .
hope the next time or may be you can come over for visit .
yes I am so glad to get this award thank to my boss she is a good boss does look after me well

PEARLY said...

Grace dear :
I ask my sister to ask you out when I am in malaysia she say you are too far away so I miss out to go makan with you .
yes we are going on the 7/3/08 can wait la just me and derek kekkeekeek

PEARLY said...

dear dear Billy Mum :
I try to pop over to your blog but I can open it don't know why ? so I reply to you here cos I away for few week didn't get to reply to you I am so sorry .
yes rome is my dream place too .
I can't wait for this date to visit xxxxxx will try again to pop over to you so sorry for my late late reply to you and all my best Pal xxxx

PEARLY said...

sue dear :
sorry sorry happy CNY to you and your family too . so sorry for lated reply xxxxxxx