Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Good to be back xxxxxx

Sorry to everyone I away for sometime ......... I had a surprise gift for my birthday from Derek .....
a ticket back to Malaysia on my own to visit my family during CNY so I went ......... without noted anyone now I am back to UK but I had another surprise to all my friend too ......Baby now is 10 week 6 days .
I am going to be a mummy on sept 2008 .
the most happy ppl in my home is my hubby and daughter and son , hubby is the one that very happy I guess, if this baby is a girl kekekekeekekekk .
will never know la , let the God make the choice .
I will be back soon just at the moment after back to UK from Malaysia I am not feeling very well . morning sickness having the whole day also feeling very tire , that why I didn't show up my face . will post out some picture during Malaysia trip .
one best thing when I am in Malaysia .... I get to meet Aiya nonya and get to speak to Ruby Ahmad , wish I could spend more time with everyone but I only got 2 weeks .
Now I got to wait for 2 years be4 I can go back for a visit .
that all for today ok
I post my little baby scar to show the world this little one make me so tire and so sleepy and no mood to eat ....... turn my world UP SIDE DOWN xxxxxxxx


adrian said...

Pearly, congratulations on the good news!!

U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, great to have you back, but first please x'cuse this exclaimation,
HOLY SMOKE! You going to have a baby in Sept? Congratulations, Pearly.
When seeing the picture, for a moment I was wondering what it was?
Ahhh, I think its a girl, ha ha.
How did you meet Ruby Ahmad? to hear that.
I too when I balek kampong, there are so many bloggers I want to meet, from Sarawak, to KL to Singapore.
If I go to England, I want to meet Pearly! Ha ha. Ya, got a few lady bloggers in London I want to meet.
All over the world, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, US....
Well, I will meet everyone one of this days.
I bet you had a fabulous time in Malaysia for CNY.
Okay, now you have to take extra care with yourself, you have a baby coming.
Well done Pearly, and best wishes on your having another child. UL.

Moonlight_tears said...

OH my gosh, oh my gosh, I am so happy that you are back, I didn't know that you went home to Malaysia. But I am surely happy that you did and had great fun over there.
Congrats to you my dear Pearly, you gave me three surprises today, The first, suddenly saw your comment, the second that you went home for sucha long time without anyone knowing but you being pregnant is the best news that I had today.Hugs, hugs, kiss, kiss...kiss your baby in your tummy.
I really missed you, but right now, I know that you are back to UK and preggie, pls take good care of yourself yeah! I love babies, can't wait for this little one.


I Cook4Fun said...

Congratulations Pearly. So happy for you and your family :) :) By the way, hope you had a wonderful time in Malaysia and meeting up with family and friends. Good to have you back. Take care.


janicepa said...

looks like the baby is ok.. yeah !!!.. 4 rats in the family ..

owh.. remember remember dun stress yourself ok..

love you and miss you lots..

Dawn said...

Hi Pearly,
Welcome back and ongratulations! What a surprise to hear that!! My sis told me you met up with her. What a surprise when she told me that. I am so glad you had so much fun back in Ipoh. I missed home a lot too. Looking forward to read and see more pictures. Take care, Pearly.

PEARLY said...

dear Adrian:
Many thank ....

PEARLY said...

dear Uncle Lee :
Many thank ....... yes this little one is a super surprice to me an derek too I don't know until I am leave in a week time to malaysia that why I wasn't around cos got to catch up with all the DR appointment gosh is real rush ..:{

I didn't get to meet Ruby we plan to meet up in KLCC but I don't have anyone to drop me off so most of the time I stay in IPOH and PJ area and subang jaya with my family but so lucky nonya went back to IPOH for CNY and she come around to my home so we have a lovely afternoon to cheeee chat and my dad make us some dish kekekekke.
but be4 I leave I call up RUBY to have a chat with her to say sorry didn't get to meet up , cos I dun't know the road the way well in KL now a day , as you know la away from home for so long all those road change so much gosh is a headach la . I am so lucky one of my girlfriend so nice to Taxi me here and there .
well enjoy the lovely time with my mum and dad , spend most of the time in IPOH just sit at home with my mum and talk lot .
miss out lot of lovely food cos I wasn't very well havn't bad flu and sore throut so really no mood to eat lot miss out .
wat a shame huh ....:{ never mind keep it next time I guess .
thank again for pop over UL xxxxxxx

PEARLY said...

my dear dear Nicole :
we (Derek and myself) also so surprise too , we didn't get to know I am preggie until the week be4 I am going to Malaysia I am 8 week preggie gosh that moment derek wish he hadn't give me a surprise ticket to Malaysia
but now all done and dusk it kekkekek. back in one piece .
I didn't tell anyone cos I suppose to give my mum and dad and Janice a surprise too but some one told my dad so my mum and dad knew I am on my way back :{
but I am happy to spend lot of quality time with my mum and dad , that is most important .
I miss you lot too , thank for al those lovely HUG HUGS and KISS KISS
please do send my kiss to your little angel too xxxxxxxxxxx

PEARLY said...

my dear Gert : many thank , yes do spend lot of lovely time at home but didn't eat lot ....:{
now I got to copy all your recipe to cook myself cos this little one only love malaysian food not the west kekeek
I saw your Asam sea food make me feel the rush to cook it .
thank so much for pop over to me , thank again .xxxxx

PEARLY said...

My dear dear Babe Jan:
Miss you so much too , you take good care of yourself and Ervin he is a lovely BABY I miss him so much too . wish we can have more time together .
never mind never know may be you and him can come to UK again for holiday to spend time with US and wendy baby too ?????? :}
take care and be happy ok

PEARLY said...

My dear Dawn :
yes !that is the Best thing I eve had other then spend time with my mum and dad , I got to meet up wit Mae , she so lovely , I am so glad to meet up with her and her hubby is such a good good men , just a short time we chat but like we know each other for such a long time , so happy la , I suppose to meet up Ruby but no time to KLCC so I miss out , hope one day I can meet up all .

ruby ahmad said...

Hello Pearly,'re back into your lovely routine in UK. Your hubby is such a lovely man to have surprised you with the trip home. You were so thoughtful to have given me the call. It was so lovely chatting with you that day. You sounded so sweet on the phone.

Ha ha..U Lee, thought we met. It would have been great but nevermind. There will be another time. You atke care dear.

ruby ahmad said... more thing!!!

CONGRATTTTTTSSSSS!! Whoa! You're gonna have a! Happy news indeed. You keep well dear. So happy for you.

Rose said...

Oh Pearly, I am so happy for you and hubby! Congratulations!! :)

You got to have more rest and dont tired yourself out. Take care.

Cat Cat said...

Congrats and that's really a good news. No wonder when I saw your pictures and Aiyah Nonya in Dawn's blog, you were wearing maternity cloth... and you look so good in the picture... Happy mommy, I guess... All the best to you ya.. Keep us posted with your pregnancy progress.

nyonyapenang said...

CONGRATS! Pearly. Anonther baby to arrive in Sept 2008. So this year you and your sis will be giving 2 more grandkids to your poppa and momma. I am so happy for you. :)

PEARLY said...

Ruby dear :
I am so glad got to speak to you but I am so sad I didn't get to meet you , If I have stay down in KL we will meet but this trip I stay in PJ most of the time and I didn't want to trouble my friend to Taxi me up and down that why also time is so limited
but never mind we can meet up someday
in UK or IN Malaysia again .
many thank again , yes Derek now is a very happy daddy , he will do anything for me so I don't get stress becos of the baby kekekekk
will take it easy la cos I am getting OLD now with a An egg in me .LOL

PEARLY said...

Rose Darling :
many thank too .
yes I will ... I am no more young , I just feel like Old HAMS laid EGG , this moment ................

PEARLY said...

cath cath dear :
Thank you so much . yes ! I will take it easy , is not easy to be a preggie on the age of 42 ler . everything must slow .
yes I will keep my progress up to date
love to you and your family too xxxxx

PEARLY said...

Nonyapenang darling :
OH yes ! good thing come in doubles kekeek !
I can wait to see wen wen little girl .
my mum and dad is so happy for us too .
oh yes so when you plan your trip over to UK ? aunt Penny is coming around may I guess

thank again for drop by me

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
Congratulations !!
Sending you and your family, lots of love.


PEARLY said...

Babara darling :
many thank xxxxxxx

~ Y@n Y@n ~ said...'s such a BIG BIG SURPRISE.....CONGRATS! happy to hear that u going to have a bb ""GIRL"" in sept 08....:-) TAKE GOOD CARE OF URSELF..REST MORE...:-)....during CNY. I plan wth Jan wanted to meet u at subang but timing not ngam...too bad! :-(

winniethepooh said...

congratulation dear pearly!!! :)) hugs hugs hugs cant wait for u to update on the bb growing in ur tummy :)) so exciting :)

It's Me said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful news. Make sure you post your baby photos up once it is available.