Thursday, February 21, 2008

Derek My dear ........ THANK FOR THE SURPRISES again xxxxxxxxx

I have mention about last year on my birthday
Derek give me a surprise gift ....... is a trips to Malaysia
he send me off for 2 week away to Malaysia and give me another
surprises in 2 weeks he re do up my kitchen for me and take down all those old tile
and put new tile in and............

also look he even fix up new light.... gosh .......

got me a new kettle
to match the new look

no more gap on the wall anymore all been tile
very tidy

now I got a work top I can put all my cooking elect and more room now

this above Fridge especially I must mention
he got me this fridge nearly 3 years
and we can never be able to use the water or ice from it cos
Derek didn't fix it to the water system
be4 I leave UK I told him if he is not going to fix it I will get some one els to
FIX it
look now ..........

glass in waiting for ICE

ICE I see ICE oh my god

test for water .........

Here come Water Ice cold water .
it work now
thanks ................Derek
my 3 kids love it
there have ice every min now .

I must give a big thank to Derek , he is a good HUBBY the older he get the wiser he be
One thing I am very Proud of him
he love my mum and dad and my 2 sister
as his own that is the Best thing in my life


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Woah! Ur kitchen so modern & high tech! U r so lucky to have such a good hubby! Oh! congratulation on becoming a new mummy! Have u get ready the baby name??? Have a very nice day!

Moonlight_tears said...

hello dear,
I am still grinning happily for you. You are the luckiest and happiest person- mommy and wife on earth now. I must also gives a lot of kudos to your loving and caring husband for treating you like a Queen. You deserves that.
So many good and happy suprises for you and I wish you all happy things comes your way..
Oh yeah, I didn't celebrate CNY in US, it's nothing to do here anyway, the area that I lived in have not many Chinese, besides myself and my one half chinese son hehehe. Yeah I gave him ang pau last year, he was only 10/11 months, he doesn't know what is that, he just put in his mouth and munched and ripped the ang pau off, thank god the US dollar not ripped. hehe. This year worst still gave him one also, now couldn't find it, donno where he put it. To him it's just a piece of colored paper or worst still a toy.
I am glad you have lots of fun in Malaysia. I haven't been home for a long time too. Too hassle to travel far with a little toddler.
when my son gets older then, maybe I should go visit you and your lovely family members.
Take care okay, smile always, I need to rub, rub your tummy, people said that by rubbing preggie woman's tummy it brings a lot of good luck..but I don't want to get pregnant.. hehhe


Rose said...

Hi Pearly! Welcome back! Hows the trip to Msia?? Refreshing?

Wow, your hubby is so good! I am jealous! ;p Anyway, your new kitchen looks great! I like it! This is the way my kitchen should look like! ;p

Dawn said...

Pearly sweetie, that was one lovely hubby you have there. I would double sayang him. He did a beautiful job with the kitchen. In two weeks he got all those done, very the tei sak!

Water and ice from the refrigerator was the first thing my hubby had to fix when we moved into this house. He has to have his ice 24/7.

Take care, Pearly.

Cat Cat said...

Sis Pearly,
Your hubby is pretty handy too ya... Ice is a must in my household too... Nice kitchen you have there...

nyonyapenang said...

Hi Pearly,

Wow....Woww....the kitchen looks sooo coooool....
Thumbs up to Derek....he is so talented.

You rest well.

simmie said...

Hi Rearly...I found your blog through Dawn. You are one lucky woman. What a nice thoughtful thing your hubby did for you!

janicepa said...

i knew that suprise already .. but i din mention to u only cos stephy asked me not too..

glad that u are super happy ...

PEARLY said...

dear Horny ang mooh :
OK OK la can use I already very happy ler , he is good men , we can't afford to get a fix men in, cost too much so hubby got to be the FIX men lor fix everything from top to bottom .a bit too early to name cos not sure is girl or boy yet ,many thank you have a lovely week end too

PEARLY said...

my dear dear Nicole :
you are so kind and lovely to me I am so glad to be your pal , oh yes you and your family are welcome to visit us in UK will make your trips the BEST . promise me you will come ok .
yes ! hubby is a good men , I am now been spoil by my kids and hubby becos I am age..... preggie kekekekek
don't worry you little angel will get to know about ang pow soon , my kids now love the ang pow.
by the way is not a problem to travel with the little on ler , I travel with all 3 kids when there are 1 1/2 years 4 year and 9 mouths
old only packing a lot but is fine honestly.
I look forward to see you sooooon ok .

PEARLY said...

rose dear :
I can send him over one of this day to you kekekekek .
as long as you promise to supply lot of lovely curry and food to feed him he will be a very happy fix men kekekek

PEARLY said...

Dawn dear :
oh yes he is good hubby when he want to work he will finish in no time but if lazy bone start it will take like 3 years to fix it just like my fridge kekkekekkke.

your hubby is a great men too I bet now he train up well to eat all kind of Malaysian food now .

PEARLY said...

cath sis dear :
yes! Now my kitchen is look well good not be4 ler it take long time to fix up kekkekek
ice we all love ice but boss didn't fix it use to buy bag of ice from the
shop now everyone is happy now

PEARLY said...

Nyonyapenang darling :

he is well talented when the bugg is on .......but if lazy bugg on we all got to wait for long time , but we all get use to this already ekkkekekek.

thank my lovely I will rest xxxxxxx

PEARLY said...

simmie dear :
thank for pop over to me , so glad to have you here .
yes ! I feel so spoil at this moment too . I really very thankful to him for wat he done .

PEARLY said...

my dear dear darling babe sis jan:
you are wenwen know it but you didn't tell me huh , I walk in to the kitchen I was like ...... OH my god ...woooooo cool so clear and so bright. I am so happy to see my kitchen so tidy and fridge can work kekkekekek give your BIL a big big kiss .

I am so spoil at the moment becos I preggie I guess ekekekek must well make the use of it la after baby born will back to normal ler kekekekek

U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, men like your husband don't grow on trees. You're a very lucky woman, and he a lucky husband.
Really impressive what he did to your kitchen.
I love your so neat and tidy kitchen Pearly.
Now its all ready for your wonderful gourmet cooking and outstanding cake bakin.
You have a nice day, Pearly, UL.
Drop in when free. L.

Aiyah Nonya said...


Your hubby is so sweet and romantic.
You are so lucky.

Take care.

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
That is one wonderful husband. Hang on to him !
Thumbs up, Derek !
The kitchen looks wonderful. Your fridge is what we call in France an "American fridge". I would have a hard time even fitting this big one in our kitchen !

xo to a lucky lady.
Enjoy :)

PEARLY said...

hi Mae dear :
Is a big surprise to me when I walk into the home , do please with a nice clear kitchen to cook ,
do very thankful to him .


hi dear Barbara :
oh yes .. I can't say a bad thing of him ,he does spoil me , he is a good very good hubby and daddy too. I am very thankful to god to let me have a good hubby .
this fridge I have wait for very long time only got it from derek 3 years ago , is the most happy thing in my life when I got this fridge ,

~ Y@n Y@n ~ said...

i can feel the happiness for u...u r the most luckiest and happiest women in the world...:-)

winniethepooh said...

derek is so good with his hands :) no surprise u r so proud of him pearly :) hes such a sweet husband, one surprises after another :)

It's Me said...

Wah...your hubby really sayang you leh. I miss out out blog as you know I wasn't well. I've change my blog to Can you add this to you blogroll? Thanks & take care