Wednesday, February 27, 2008

PRAWN MEE turn out LOW MEE wat a shame :{

THIS above Prawn mee I cook last year
look really gud in colour but no egg
Look below
Look this is my Prawn mee suppose
it turn out more
look like a
Low mee

this above low mee we eat at
One Utama the PENANG NONYA kopitim

Come back to UK I carving so bad everyday I dream of malaysian food prawn mee, asam laksa
lotus root soup , asam fish fry hoo fun and Indian fry mee,
GOSH ....I really can't name it all.

so I must DIY myself , I was so hungry
and rush for it
my prawn mee turn out more like low mee
cost I forgot I got to put in some dry prawn to fry and onion together to make the soup
I only use prawn skin and pork rib some dry chili
that why my soup so plain and white no chili clour
But never mind la
better then nothing
just IMAGE
when I am eating
I keep tell myself
the next time will be Better


Rose said...

Well, it still look yummy to me no matter what it turns out! :)

Wa lau, Pearly, you sure indulge in all those delicious food lately. Is it you missing Malaysian food, or your sudden crave for food? You know, preggie always want to eat this and that!!?? Hahaha!

janicepa said...

wahahahaha...... so memalukan..
it's ok lah .. sis...
next time gif more time for ya self lah ..

i think it's better for u to ready made a whole pot.. that can tahan u for a whole week

lucky thing.. ervin not as "larn fook si" like yours

Moonlight_tears said...

hahah Pearly,
How are you feeling after satisfied your cravings?
Guess you craved so much Malaysian food. Yeah Malaysian food is nice isn't it, everything is spicy or sweet and easy to get. Every hawker stall sells at least few types of things. Here in Minnesota, went to one Malaysian cuisine restaurant, doesn't taste authentic at all, maybe I am picky.
Those noodles look good what!! Guess what I am eyeing, the sambal on the spoon haha. I am a spice girl same like you, hahah.
Rest more and take care of yourself okay. Is it cold over there?

Good nite..

Hor*ny Ang Moh said...

Look yummy! Over here I crave for 'ang moh' food but too expensive so I look at pic only!!!
He! He! It is u craving or ur baby craving for the food???

~ Y@n Y@n ~ said...

NVM LA PEARLY....AS LONG AS got the prawn mee taste dun care the colour lo...u consider very geng already..pregnant still got mood to cook....very proud of u ler...:-)

Dawn said...

Blah looking still looks good to me. I can eat a bowl with a few spoons of sambal, and then go for second helpings. Both hubby and I are still craving for M'sian food since we came home. He said the white boy food are all so bland - tasteless and no umph!

Sasha said...

aiyoh non preg ppl also crave for msian food moreover u're preggie. Hang in there time remember to put inthe right ingredients yea..

x said...

damn , i am so hungry now, my mouth is watery already :S

PEARLY said...

rose dear :
wat do you think ? kkekekeke

PEARLY said...

Jan babe :
I know the other day I make a big pot and end up I only eat half and the other half throw away ler .
must cook daily i guess . but lately I feel so sad after work most of the time Derek got to be a house wive after work and cook for the whole family kekekek.
but he enjoy been a house men I guess becos of the BABY kekekekek

PEARLY said...

Nocole my darling :
I know I know every time I make sambal I think of you every time I cut chili padi it remind me of you ekkek.
we both can't live without it kkeke.
not really la today I fancy wan ton mee , but becos is mother day I ask to go out to eat instant of DIY , lated I think will cook asam fish again cos really fancy a bit of asam
here in UK the food not so bad tim sam is better then in Malaysia , I went back I really don't like tim sam in Malaysia . you must try one day , when you visit UK I promise will bring you for a good treat ok .have a lovely weekend xxxx

PEARLY said...

Horny dear ;
I guess both of us carving kekekke.

PEARLY said...

Grace sweetie :
got no choice ler all those food I love my hubby don't know how to cook and I can just walk out the streets and but so must DIY ler . I am just too greedy that why kekeke

PEARLY said...

Dawn dear :
hi see now your hubby love it so much you can have excite to go home often just for the test kekke.
he is getting very good now well done you xxxxx

PEARLY said...

Sasha dear ;
oh yes this time teach me a lesson good food must give time no rush kekeke.

PEARLY said...

X dear :
thank for pop over , you can help yourself a bowl ..........:)

~ Y@n Y@n ~ said...

happy mother's day to u pearly....this year will be the happiest and special year for u with ur coming bb...and wish u hav a wonderful mother's day! :-)