Sunday, February 24, 2008

I am so miss ..................FOOD OF MALAYSIA xxxxxxxx

Yes I know I have been back just a week ....... here I miss malaysia food already

kay poo around the blogger world as normal
pop over to Aiyah nonya blog she got this Asam seafood ...mmmm so yummy
then pop over to COOK4FUN mmmmmm lovely lovely ASAM PEDAS .
gosh! I can't stand any more ... BABY inside say MUMMY PLEASE GO AND COOK IT I AM VERY HUNGRY .
SO ........ I HAVE A PLAN must cook .
then I receive a call from my baby sister WEN WEN who also preggie ....
she say I am comming over to visit you on SAT ....waaala
I have no excise not to cook kkekke.
"ada kawan same makan kekkekek 2 preggie women can pig la "

above is wat I can find in the supermarket sea bream and mackreal and squid.
I had some prawn but baby say no PRAWN .
so no lor
then I add some Egg plant Ladyfinger and zucchini too .

still cooking in the pan mmmmmm I can't wait la so hungry ........

waaaaaala all done ready to MAKAN

many thank to MAE and GERT
I really enjoy this even my sister WEN WEN and JON too
plus my little Brandon he just love it.
Baby inside also very HAPPY HAPPY TOO


Sue said...

Wah..congrats pearly on the new happy...everyone is pregnant.....ahhhh..except me.....hehe

Sue said...

BTW Pearly, I have new can update in your blogroll...

Moonlight_tears said...

Hello Pearly,
How are you? You must be enjoying your weekend so much. That spicy dish looks yummy.
Last time when I was pregnant, I got heart burn everyday and night time especially, so I cut out on spicy food.
But I am glad Brandon and little baby like it so much. Best thing is the mommie loves it. =)
YOu have a nice weekend!

janicepa said...

brandon love cili meh ??

Rose said...

Pearly, I am sure later your baby going to be like u, can eat all those asam asam and pedas food! hehehe!

simmie said...

that looks so good with a bowl of rice!!!
I'm glad that you son likes eating spicy Malaysian food. My bf loves Malaysian food...he's ok with some spicy stuff but he can't stand the smell of belacan

Rose said...

Pearly, you got a tag and award from me, please collect them at my blog! :) You have a nice day and take care!

Sasha said...

hey pearly congrats on yr new baby. Wah u preggie samo u can cook fish ah? Keng! Take care!

Cat Cat said...

Sis Pearly,
Baby inside craving for asam fish.. Makan kuat2 for me ya...

L'abeille said...

Wah, I'm salivating for some of the assam fish ler...

~ Y@n Y@n ~ said...

rest more preggie women will get tired very happy for ur good news! :-)

J.T. said...

Hi Pearly

Wow... I just learned that you are pregnant. I did not come in earlier to read your blog because of things going on here. Anyway, congratulations to you and hope you have a wonderful pregnancy. *hugs*

I just read your other postings and I have to say that you have a lovely husband. I am so happy for you.

Take care and keep well.

dawn said...

Hi Pearly,

Heard about the earthquake shakes in the UK. Are you and family OK?

PEARLY said...

sue dear :
thank you ,I just feel like OLD HAMS LAID EGG la . kekkek

oh Yes I had add you other link on mine I do pop over to read too .

PEARLY said...

my dear dear NICOLE :

I have heartburn now so bad I need pill to stop it daily but I love chilly so much I got to have it daily too like popping Pil kekeek
my Brandon he is a fun boy he seem love all kind of malaysian to chinese food , today I fry the Ayam kuyit copy from Aiyah nonya post , he told me to fry more he love the chicken O GOSH ,wat he like .
we all fine I haven't been very well and also back to work after work is so tire that why few day didn't kay poh around .
you have a lovely day too take care xxxkiss to everyone especially the little anglexxxxxx

PEARLY said...

jan jan babe sis :
Your Pang9son son have a funny test bub la he love all kind of fish and he try anything now if I tell him is ok to try don't like it is also fine but you have try so he been a very good boy he eat all sort xxxxx

PEARLY said...

Rose dear :
I hope too so when it grown up we can same same maken keekek

PEARLY said...

Simmie dear :

My Derek is the same but training lot there will be fine bring him back to Malaysia like Dawn hubby look now Dawn hubby will ask for the steam kuit such a cleaver boy

my little boy he is very good and advt to try all kind but my other 2 is a chicken wouldn't eat it .

PEARLY said...

ROSE dear .
thank for the award xxx but the TAG ..... I am so scare of TAG cost I am pretty bad in Doing TAG .
thank so much for reward me my dear friend xxxxx

PEARLY said...

Sasha dear : wat to do ler , baby want to eat and I can't just walk down the road and can have lovely Malaysian yummy yummy curry to asam fish so must DIY lor
wish I am still in Malaysia now miss home already la.
thank for pop over

PEARLY said...

cath sis :
Oh yes this baby can really eat chilly to asam la I carv every min of spicy food and asam food gosh really mad la

PEARLY said...

hi dear L'abelle :

oh please join me
have a lovely day xxxx

PEARLY said...

Grace my sweetie pie :
I will do so . thank so much xxxx

PEARLY said...

JT my sweet sweet dear :

thank you , Derek is the most hubby men when he find our going to be THE 4 time daddy kekekk.
are you back to work now , will try to chat with you on skype one of this day , take it easy too you ok miss you much xxxxx

PEARLY said...

Dawn my dear :
we all fine , I don't eve know there a earthquake I sleep like a PIG kekee.
Derek and steph woke up but I didn't and the boy too sleep like a PIGGE

Moonlight_tears said...

HI Pearly dear,
gotten so busy today, didn't go online till now, read about earthquake in UK area, I hope everyone is okay or not in a big shocked.
Guess you are alright then coz u can still reply our msg =).
Just remember to take care yeah.
hahha, u nottie mama, have heartburn still eat spicy food, I was also on medication for my heartburn that time, didn't help much if I don't change my eating habit. hehhe.