Thursday, December 13, 2007

My birthday gift xxxx

Those flower and gift from my 3 beloved kids .
Many thank to my 3 lovely darling

Here my big big chocolate birthday cake

Is this big enough to feed the world ?
The above card is from my hubby but..........inside this card had something that make my heart
melt and he is very kind to me
this year is a very special year it not only my birthday
the next day also our 12 years wedding Anniversary too !
with this card wat he get for me is very special
it does make my day ....
not only me
it will make lot of people who love us very happy too .
Do you want to KNOW ???
Sorry can't tell you NOW !
will tell you all soon very soon ok !


Penny said...

Wah! Pearly such a big lovely cake.
See oso 'lau nua' . If and when you come back you must make for us to try ya?
Am glad for you that you got so many lovely surprises this yr. Yes, Make the best out of it.

winniethepooh said...

happy happy birthday pearly!! :)) many happy returns of the day n may all ur wishes come true! ur kids n hubby are all so sweet...i bet inside the card he wrote a love poem for u? hehehe cant wait to know what ur hubby got u :) hehehe

*hugs hugs kisses kisses* happy birthday!

Rose's World said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Still not to late to greet you!

What is the surprise gift? A big diamond ring?

Wow, the cake is really big! How many kilos is that? Yum yum, can send some over to me if still got some left? *wink* Hahaha! Just kidding!

PEARLY said...

dear yee yee penny :
yes as you know the big surprise I am really looking forward .
I am very thankful wat hubby did to me .
very please too , yes I will make the best of it as you say xxxxxxthank you again xxxxx

PEARLY said...

winie my very sweet dearest friend :
so glad to see you here , many thank to you you are so sweet to me hug hug kiss kiss from pearly to winnie xxxxxx
yes hubby is very spoil me this year this surprise gift is really out of the blue it surprise me too .will tell you all soon ok xxxx

PEARLY said...

hi rose world :
thank for pop over ... no la not a diamond ring is much better then a diamond this year my gift , I really very thankful to him ,he is very kind hubby , I am so glad to have him , the older he get the better men he is kakakak.

yes is a big cake please do help yourself a big peice of cake .
many thank again xxxx

Sweetpea said...

aww.... sorry i missed your birthday! ju ni sheng rer kuai le :)

PEARLY said...

sweetpeas dear TQTQ

Sue said...

Wah your birthday is december ah pearly? Mine also...same happy belated birthday to you! So lucky got so big cake...I don't have any cake...*sob*...
Hubby got you what? A car ah? hehe..ka poh a bit!..Miss your blog la...

L'abeille said...

Hi Pearly,

Wah such a big cake!

Haha..I knew what's in the box :p and i'm so excited for you!!!

Cat Cat said...

Sis Pearly,
Aisey, you buat suspen aje... Can't wait to see your diamond ring.

Moonlight_tears said...

Hi dear Pearly,
Happy Belated Birthday! Whoa. you are sure a hot looking momma. Besides, you are such a lucky lady for having such nice birthday suprises.

Take care,
PS. I must try reading all your postings in your blog from day one till now. Have read some of it, you are sure an interesting person.

PEARLY said...

hi dear L'abeille:

you always welcome to help yourself la , well I can wait too hehheheh .

PEARLY said...

sue dear : happy belated Birthday to you too we are DEC baby huh , nevermind new year I will bake one for you la .sorry this year I dun know is your birthday, no la hubby didn't get me a car , this present is must more butter then a car , will tell you all soon xxxxxkkeek

PEARLY said...

cath sis :
thank for pop over , no la didn't have a diamond also la .you just wait you will know soon .xxxx

PEARLY said...

hi dear Nicole :
thank for visit ,I am just a boring house wife and mummy la , thank to my hubby this years he give me the Best present I even had I am really very thankful to him .he is a gud boy kekkekek

janicepa said...

i think i know... cud it be... you are going to cuddle my son soon ???