Sunday, December 16, 2007


same to us but hubby is THE ONE AND THE ONLY ONE

I remember use to be like £10 and ppl will not buy it and rather to have a plastic one
this one is not the most expensive one is FOUR cheaper one the most expensive cost £49.99 or £59.99 CHEAPER ONE START PRICE £15.99
I told hubby to get the lower price one cost only use it for 15 days and will get to recycle
HOLY SUGAR he still want to pay for £29.99 he say I am the one pay for it not you !!
Wat can I say ler ?

Here my deco Xmas tree
very simple la
I am not a big fun of Xmas
cost is spend spend spend time
I hated it

Stephi help me too

kids get very excited already spend there very own pocket money to get
mummy and daddy gift

not a lot of Xmas card receive just a few
cos I personally don't like to send Xmas card to ppl
I think is too trouble ......
sorry! I am so sound like GRIM
Every years I will be very depress when is Xmas
don't know
becos I LOVE my hubby and my 3 darling dear children
I must make myself very happy and play around together with them
the end of the day
like all the mummy and daddy in the whole world
just for our beloved one



Moonlight_tears said...

haha about you being grim! You are so silly. I like christmas though but I detest having to crack my brain thinking of what to get for everyone that really makes them happy. However, I am glad that my almost 21 month old son is the easiest to please. He loves whatever that his mommy and daddy get for him. Don't know about next year though, coz he might have his own preferences. Anyways, wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!


PEARLY said...

hi dear Nicole
you have got a handsome baby ler so cute .. now still ok you can buy wat u like for the litle angel when there 4 to 5 years old time ... I totatly lost when mine kids around this age untill today still a problem .
that why I hated it hahahahha
I am a Grim LOL xxxxx
merry xmas to you too my dear xxx

Sue said...

Haha..i haven't even started yet ler pearly..I too is not a great fan of christmas..sigh..

Rose's World said...

Hi! I have to agree on the cost of your xmas tree, very expensive, and somehow the tree looks rather "not that bushy". I like those big and bushy tree! :p

I love xmas, in the sense of buying and wrapping presents, but not the part of assemble xmas tree! I dont mind the assembly, but after xmas, no one want to pack the tree back to its box! It will be left maybe till CNY, then someone take the initiative to clear it! Hahaha! So, no xmas tree at home this year!

Cat Cat said...

Sis Pearly,
That's a very nice Christmas tree. I like your decor too... Love the color.

J.T. said...

Hi Pearly dear

I thought I was the only one who feels depressed during Christmas season. I really don't know what is it about the season but by the time New Year comes around, I feel sad. It could be that I am not in Malaysia celebrating the way I used. Then again, when I was there, I still had the case of the blues too.

All I can do is try to feel happy. Once I feel a little upbeat, I am ok. Some of the Christmas carols make me feel sad. So I stay away from those songs. If it is being played on the radio of TV, I change the channel. :D

Nice tree, by the way. Reminds me of the trees that my landlord (in Germany) used to sell on his lot. They range from 15 Euros to 30 Euros. I never had a real tree for my house. If I ever do, I will just go ahead and buy one in a pot and place it on a roller base. At Christmas time, I will roll it into the house and decorate it. Christmas over, the tree goes back to the porch. :D said...

Hi Pearly,

The decor on your tree is simple and nice. This year I didn't even bother with the tree. Too tired and there are no gifts to exchange, so better not put the tree up.

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
I think that your tree and the decorations look very cozy. Often, people do this for their children, so they have a nice holiday.
I did just a little bit, to bring a little bit of the holiday spirit.

I understand that you feel down. You are an expat, just like myself, and the holidays are the worst time for the expat.
It will be fine; you have your man and your children close by ;)

Stay warm ( It's freezing over in France !), and hugs to you.

PEARLY said...

sue dear :
I thougth I am the only one not a fun u also ,,, I feel better now kekekeke
merry xmas to u and your family

PEARLY said...

cath sis dear :
Thank u la you are so kind my tree deco is very lousy one la , I just hate to do this job each year I end up with this ....

PEARLY said...

I dun know too , each year I feel very down during xmas when huby an dkids so happy I feel so bad being a GRIM but can't help it just like u ,
this year we are going down to my in law so I dun have to cook but I think of travel 4 hour there and 4 hour back may be worst cos season JAM JAM JAM OMG I really must stop thinking or els will make me more depress I guess , I never been a fun of any festiv even CNY .
never mind when u sad think of me too we both are the same in a kind
kekekeke .
take it easy my dear dear friend .
thinking of you too xxxxxxx

PEARLY said...

Dawn dear ;
This years derek make me to promise him not to get him any present and I ask him not to get me any too only for our kids and his family so ..... I think this years will be good not to spend too much kekkekek .

PEARLY said...

Barbara dear :
Merry Xmas to you! that is wat I have been telling myself to cheer up becos of my kids hahahah.
every year my hubby will make sure there a tree in the living room ,,, I just play along .
my 4 pussy cat and my 3 kids love the tree keke I bet u know why the pussy love it ... how about your pussy does she /he go nut with those deco ?

U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, I love your tree, very nice.
For us, we have a tropical tree about 7 feet high growing in our living room, so I just gantong some coloured lights, kow tim. Ha ha.
Lecheh put up tree, take down again. This way only coloured lights.
Anyway, I wish all of you a happy X'mas and a very happy new year, Pearly, UL.

janicepa said...

U still not yet tell US wat is the suprise gift ar.... !!!

aiyah nonya said...

Hi pearly,
Cheer up. That is a nice tree. The best is it had been decorated by your family.
I too think that christmas is now over comercialize. But the shopping and ofer during this period is so super good.
Come Chinese New Year it will be our turn to spend.

PEARLY said...

wow uncle Lee .. like that also you can make a tree you are so clever la
xxxx merry Xmas to you too

PEARLY said...

my babe jan darling ..... wat so kancheong ... , be pentine la you will be very happy for me too ... .
will tell you very soon ok

PEARLY said...

my dear NONYA :
Is so fun to look around theose beautifull light and deco on the stree and each house there are so great .. but think wat to buy as a gift to friend and family is really a pain la .. spend and spend and got something and there don't even like it so that is why I hated it so much . CNY just give ANN POH , everything is ok go and get yourself something nice ... hehehehbut I still not a big FUN of CNY I am not a festv person I don't like to spend £ too hahahahah .
A GRIM hhahaha .
Merry X'mas to you my dear xxxxxx