Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas HO..HO... HO>>>>>>>>all the way to ..

Devon MY IN LAW HOME for Xmas
we driver off on the 24 of DEC around
I get off work early so we can hit on the road
arrive at 3.45pm here the front gate of the home of Xmas

on our way in
kids very happy .......xmas present ,,,, that why !!!!!


Look here our little Jammy
his very first Christmas
this year
he love his 3 cousin

every one leave present under the tree

still to come come I forgot to wrap all up so more to come
Uncle Andrew also haven't put his in yet

Christmas MORNING
LOOK Above
all the kids sit around open
present from SANTA
who left it in their stocking

my 3 monkey wait until everyone in the family sit around
and there will bring all those present
to each of us

including this little one

Mother in law make sure kids bring the right gift to everyone


he make my 3 sit around
he say to them this gift is for all 3 of you must share
OK !

kids opening this and thinking
wat is in it ????

OLIVER so happy and scream out loud
COOL ...... and jump over to his Uncle Andrew
and hug on to him ,,,,,,as you can see...
Oliver is so happy with this gift ...
wat is it?

open it all
Wii game
my 3 kids day and night dream of it
wanted so bad
there dream come true
thank to Uncle Andrew

there fix it up and have
FUN now
small kids happy

use lot of excite

look big kids like Uncle Andrew
also having
too !

Christmas Diner ..... get ready to
sit around

Everyone in their place ..... where pearly
me ?..... I off the sit so I can take the picture .........
I having my lovely Xmas diner now mmmmm..... yummy
my mum in law cook ......
thank mum and dad for lovely
Christmas Diner
Thank for having
merry Christmas


Moonlight_tears said...

Hi dear,
Those pics are awesome, it's just like you telling a story and a great one too. I am glad that everyone have fun plus good food too.
Also very pleased that get to see your sexy pic .
Yeah, I have a Wii too, bought it like few months ago, it's a very awesome console. I bet that your kids have so much fun with it.

Take care yeah.

Aiyah Nonya said...

Hey pearly

Those are really great pictures.
Your boy is relly jumping with joy over the nintendo wii.
Have fun. I am sure not only the kids are having lots of fun over it.

Happy holidays ! :))

Sasha said...

if i get WII i will be jumping and will be willing to hug uncle andrew too! muahaha


ruby ahmad said...

Hello Pearly,

Wow! You had a blast of a time at Christmas. How wonderful to enjoy such special time with your family. Great!


Sweetpea said...

all i can say is... wow! i LOVE your little santa's helper. sure looked very busy :)

merry christmas and happy new year!

Lovely Mummy said...

such a wonderful nice to see all ppl busy here and there :)
merry christmas & a happy new year

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Woah! X-mas is certain a big celebration! Over here it is CNY!! Marry x-mas & happy new year!

Sue said...

Love the photos! Happy New Year! I want a Wii too!!! haha..

mayasuen said...

Wow! Such a nice Christmas party. Can I jon you next year? :-)

U.Lee said...

Hello Pearly, love seeing all your beautiful photos. The kids sure had a wonderful time, and you look great.
I wish you and everyone at home a very happy new year. My best regards, UL.

winniethepooh said...

that looks like so much fun!! hey, Wii is something hubby and I hv been wanting to get too but cannot FIND anywhere!! hahahha..well, we will just wait and see when it will come out again, its fun, Pearly should try it too :)

hv a great 2008 Pearly!


PEARLY said...

Thank all my lovely friend foor lovely warm commenr and greeting .
I wish you all a
very happy new year 2008 too .

oh yes after xmas this pass few day kids are so busy wake up early in the morning already start to play with the Wii game and also invit some of friend to play together too.
hubby does enjoy paying with it and Having gud sweat kekkeke .
as for myself I am just watching them to have fun kekek very lazy I am not a game person la , lazy cow myself kekeke.

thank for everyone again .
xxxxxxlot of love from

~ Y@n Y@n ~ said...

ur kids is so sis in law also had's very fun to play even i'm not a game lover...but i like to play..u should try and see la...esp's a very fun game...the boxing one is very funnny also..