Sunday, January 13, 2008


***You Are 68% Addicted to the Internet***

In your opinion, life without the Internet is hardly worth living.
Could be, but you probably need a bit more fresh air and sunshine to think clearly.

Above result is wat I scone , I went to kay poh to cook 4 fun
and she putting this out so I went and check it out that is wat I scone 68%

Do you want to try it too


Can we live without it ?

I think lot of ppl can't Inc ME and my HUBBY and my 3 KIDS


Rose said...

I know that I am addicted without going thru the test! Bluek!

Cant live without it!

PEARLY said...

rose :
You are as bad as me kekekekek.

we are so boring right .xxxxxx

everyday I will try to get on to check my mail and my blog and kay poh around so if my PC down it really kill me .so sad huh .

Moonlight_tears said...

hahaha, so our dear Pearly loves the internet, I love the world wide web too. Maybe some day that you are truly bored, hit me up on my yahoo messenger, so I can chat with you. Sometimes, I surf the web till late night, peace and quiet coz my munchkin is sleeping that time. That is when I get so addicted reading and reading and reading.

Dawn said...

Me too, I have to get to the net every single day and throughout the day too. The worse is i have it on at work too, like right now! :D

Rose said...

Pearly, every morning when I reach office, first thing I will switch on my pc and check my blog and start blogging before I occupied with my office works!! Bluek!

I am turning into an addicted blogger! Sssshhh! Just hope my boss didnt find out about that......

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
Count in one more that doesn't need to take the test He He !
Everyday includes the internet but my time varies.
Stretching in a little more or liitle less but never a day without except if I'am traveling.

I can join the " adictees club" then !
Take care.

Aiyah Nonya said...

No need to take the test. I know I am. Can't seem to tear myself away from the computer. Told myself I want to blog less but can only manage to stay away for 2 days and I am back. Have to try harder the next time.

I Cook4Fun said...

Pearly, you are same like me lah :) :) 69%.

janicepa said...

u said u are addidted how come never blog liao ??

J.T. said...

Hi Pearly dear

I found some time to drop by here today and update my blog.

I clicked on the link but it did not bring me to the page to see how addicted I am to the Internet. One thing I know, I cannot do without the internet. It is a huge part of my everyday life - banking, bill paying, email, blogging, etc. I think I am about 90% addicted (that is what I think lah). :)

Take care and I will try to write to you soon.

winniethepooh said...

internet is a part of everyday life :) thats where i found my 'the one' too :P n made me alot of nice friends including u pearly! that i hv to thank the internet!

Moonlight_tears said...

hi Pearly,
How have you been? We all miss you a lot. Hugs.
I hope everything is going on well over there. Just write to show some love and concern.
Take care yeah.