Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year Eve ............ we have ............

New year Eve we invite our JO JO
Home Sweet Home
for diner
JO Derek lil sister
she miss our family Xmas diner
so we invite her for
new year Eve diner
this is wat I Prepare for
Roast beef .. Roast potato... baby carrot fine bean
Yorkshire pudding

here our dear dear

My 2 boy
always roast diner lover
look at the 2 of them
Yorkshire pudding
where is my Stephenie
not in the picture
she is poorly
she in bed zzzzzzz

pearly alway the last one
my diner


winniethepooh said...

yumyum!! happy new year pearly!!

PEARLY said...

TQTQ winnie dear

janicepa said...

Happy NEw Year SIS !!!..

where is Stephy ?? Sick ??

how come Jo is there alone geh ??
Is she fine ??

Rose's World said...

Yum yum to me! Now you make me hungry! Hmm, what i have on NY eve har? nothing fancy, just tapau! :p

We still recovering from our long trip. Too tired to think and drive out to eat on NY eve! And some more, rain like cats and dogs that night.....

Cat Cat said...

Great dinner Sis Pearly... Wish I was there.... Is Steph ok?

Constance Chan said...

hi Pearly, just to let u know, i enjoyed your blog and i think you are so nice and loving ler..

cheers, happy new year

nyonyapenang said...

Every dish you cook all also looks yummy.

Happy 2008 to you and family.

Aiyah Nonya said...

Nice dinner. It has been a long time since I had Yorkshire pudding.
Have a great year ahead.

Sue said...

Wah..good food..like in the restaurant..Pearly can open one liao..

PEARLY said...

my babe sis jan :
Happy new year to you too xxx
ya la steph is not well go ZZZZZ lor when we diner , Jo come alone cos her boy friend got to work and she miss Xmas so she come down to us now she work very near us now she do come very often now a day .

Love you always

PEARLY said...

rose world :
becos of my sister in law having diner with us so I must cook something I don't really want to cook after a long time of work ..... :(

you are welcome to sharing some if you hungry my lovely xxxxx
happy new year to you dear

PEARLY said...

cath sis :
TQTQ steph is getting better now just a bug around I guess cos next day my hubby also not well la alamah

PEARLY said...

my dear dear Noynyapenang :
You put a very Tall hat on me la , just a roast diner la everyone can cook la '
when u come to visit I promise u will cook for u xxxxxx

PEARLY said...

aiyoh nonya darling:
same to you xxx TQTQ xxxx

PEARLY said...

sue dear :
wow I wish la like this also can open a restrant malu la after all the ppl eat and run away never come back HOW ??? :0