Thursday, January 03, 2008

do you want to make your hubby a very happy men ...........I do.....

After work I call Derek ...
* dear wat do you want for diner ?
he say : sausage and mash would be lovely !
so I went in to tesco to get him this above nice ,,, I mean really nice cos I am not a sausage lover
this one is really yummy and oil free too
normally when we bake the sausage in the oven , you can see lot of oil come out from sausage
but with this one only juice and test very meaty too .
strongly recommend
look BELOW the sausage mmmmm
I put in the oven for 20 min to brown it
look no oil
right !

put 2 tin of bake bean top up

Boil potato and mash it with lil of milk

top up the mash on to the sausage then top up with some
cheese mmmmmmm#
put it back to the oven wait for 35 to 44 min
also boil some veg to serve too

Hubby home,,,,, get the meal ready for him
is 7pm now he is a very hungry hubby
he haven't had anything whole day
poor darling

golden brown cheesy top

serve with some cauliflowers and sausage mash
I got a big I mean BIG
smile from my hubby face
kekeekeek look at it
he have 2 time the same amount
I am happy for him too

yes ..
I know
so simple meal right
for a Englishmen
is their BEST lover
my hubby will love me
even just so simple
he love

tradition English fast and cheap meal
( sorry this sausage not cheap is FINEST * ;) * )


janicepa said...

i love sausages too ... how come u never cook sausage for me whn i was there >> ?? kekeke

PEARLY said...

I dun know wor sorry lor xxxx

Sue said...

Thank you Pearly..I love u!! Now I have another simple dish to try out..haha..u know me lazy to cook..
BTW you use casserole dish is it to put the sausage in the oven? Or is it plate/bowl?

Moonlight_tears said...

Hello Pearly,
You are such a nice wife and mother, you are the real epitome of a PERFECT woman.
Remember not only your hubby, kids and family love you too, I also have lots of love for Pearly too. I mean a lot a lot a lot, as far from Minnesota to UK. hehehe.
Pls take care..
Ps. I love what you wrote in my blog about those beautiful people hahahah.. they should be not a B*tch eeh, coz beauty doesn't last but it's deep down inside the heart that counts.
Haiyar, why sd that you are not good looking ler, I think you are one fine lady, a very sexy mama, have three kids and can still maintain that beauty and body is a blessing you know...=)


Dawn said...

Hi Pearly,

Wah, that is actually a very nice looking meal. I might try that for dinner one weekend. Too much for week day! hahahaha, I'm kinda lazy during week days.

nyonyapenang said...

You are such a good wifey and a darling momsie.....everything cooked with and extra special ingredient....LOVE. :)

PEARLY said...

sue dear ;
you are always welcome to my home xxxxxxxjust give me a call


PEARLY said...

Nicole my dear dear friend ;

Thank you so much for your kind and warm complement. I can feel you are the same too, although we meet not so long but I do love u and your kindness to everyone god bless u .
You are a fine lady .
you are not only a beauty and you got the heart of gold .like I say on you post but you have both that is wat the best of you xxxxxxx

PEARLY said...

my dear dawn :\
this is a quick meal in my home you can make it easy is you don't want to use the real potato try the mash ready make one can too , wat u need is just put the sausage in the over to brown it and just sit down and enjoy you cup of coffer sit and relax
when the sausage down put in tin of bake bean and mash and cheese put it back to the over and go for a shower and when u done meal are ready to serve and that is call very easy meal for me kekekekek .
gud luck to you my darling dawn xxx

PEARLY said...

nyonyapenang dear :

TQ TQ I am just a women that hope to keep my Rice bowl ticket save kekekek
to please a men is to his tummy kekeke very old fashion but hope it work .
happy new year to you xxxxx