Sunday, January 06, 2008

Got gift for you Ervin MY darling

ERVIN my babe sister Jan Jan baby
Look is he CUTE
I got lot of thing for

his smile melt my heart
so we all got around get him lot of
toy and baby thing

look there peep bowl .......etc....

lot of toy
keep u busy

Pyjamas of Postmen Pat and Jessy the cat

Winnie the pooh bath side
keep u busy
when u in the bath

so far that all I get .....
we all Love you ErvIn xxxxxxxxx


U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, gosh! The baby is soooo cute. I love his little toys. And his smile? Really cute.
You keep well, Pearly, UL.

PEARLY said...

uncle lee :
thank you xxx yes his is cute and lovely baby we all love him very much
thank for drop by

Aiyah Nonya said...

That is alot of things for that cute little boy.
Lucky baby.
I am sure you will be doing more shopping for the rest of the family. Have fun.

Rose said...

Hi Pearly dear! You have been tagged! Check it out on my blog! :)

~ Y@n Y@n ~ said... lucky ervin to have this yee yee.....

janicepa said...

wah... my god !!.. THAnk YOu sis ..

I m the happiest !!.. actually not Ervin !.. kakaka

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
I'am just catching up with you since the holidays and enjoying your last posts.
Ahhhhh ! Erwin is such a darling; you are very lucky, and Erwin was spoiled rotten.
Lucky boy ;)
We had a calm holiday season in France.
I'am looking forward to seeing you this year.

Sue said...

Aiyo..Ervin sooo cute la..can cubit ka?

PEARLY said...

nyonya dear :
wat to do ? he is the little one now until so must spoil la also so cute some more kekekekek.

PEARLY said...

Grace darling :
wat to do when he call Tai yee ma , then must spoil la or els hope to be the TYM ler kekekekek

PEARLY said...

my babe sis jan jan :
I know you will be the Happiest one when you see your N 70 Nokia .
you son Pang 9 son give it to you ,so you must buy him a football t-shirt the cheap one kekekekkeke .

love you too xxxxxxxx

PEARLY said...

hi Barbara darling :
So happy to see you around and glad to know you enjoy the relax time during the holiday .
oh yes this little one is a cute cheeky I am so proud of him .
we also have a nice NY eve too cos I went to bed by 10.30pm too tire to stay up to 12am .
my hubby come up and wish me happy new year I am so sleepy kekkeek.
hope to see u soon again xxxxxx

PEARLY said...

hi sue dear ;
oh yes he is lovely little monkey .
cubit ka ???? must ask the mummy la
to ask
have a lovely day xxxx

Dawn said...

Pearly, that cute little Ervin surely deserves all these wonderful gifts. Lucky Ervin!

Moonlight_tears said...

hello my dearest sweet Pearly,
Oh, so you missed me eeh? I miss you a lot too, *hugs*.
Yeah, I have been busy and exhausted everyday. I really could not keep up with my son anymore, he is getting more and more active. Also tried to keep up with house chores, my prep for the test, sending my son to play dates, shopping etc and keeping my sanity in check is really draining me. hahaha.
So I don't know how you do it with 3 kids some more plusyou are working full time. I really salute you and all the mommies out there that can manage so well. Told you that, you are the epitome of the perfect woman, mother and wife....lucky, lucky your hubby and kids..
Probably you have to give me a tips or two..
* big big hug to you*
Pls take care yeah!
Your sister's baby is so very cute, he have beautiful big round eyes, I so wanna kiss him.


U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, just dropped by say hello, and see got any cream puffs? Ha ha.
You keep well, Pearly, UL.

PEARLY said...

hi dawn :
yes he is lovely .. must spoil him .

PEARLY said...

dear dear Nicole :
So glad to see you around do miss you when you not around .
take it easy your son still young my kids all grown up a bit there can do there own thing now I am more free only busy with work and tidy up the house now a day , you will be fine you are a great mum too and wife .
Busy is good make us slim kekekeek .
yes Ervin have a big eyes Like me I guess ekekekeke

L'abeille said...

Wow the baby is so cute! Lucky baby to have an aunt like Pearly hehe

winniethepooh said...

he is so cute! :) now i wished i am ervin hahaha hv pearly to sayang and dote :)

give hugs and kisses to him for me when u get to see him okie pearly :) ure such a great TYM :))