Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who say men can't look after a Baby ?

In tradition life women is playing very important rule in baby world
baby and mummy
how about
daddy and Baby ?
When I'm young I never recall my daddy ever look after my 2 little sister feeding with a bottle
or giving a hug or rock baby walk around the house
I look around me
daddy is the one that go out and work hard and bring money home to look after the family
mummy is the one do all the house work cook and look after kids
Today world ???
Can daddy look after baby and play a important part too .

In fact some dad do a better job then mummy
sorry to say that
I am a mummy myself
but when my baby young
hubby do help me to look after them cost I am suffer very bad
he will bath them change them feed them

why today men never get the same treatment as a mummy .
why can't there have day off stay at home look after baby
have a break of work to look after kids when there poorly or bring kids to DR ?
only Mummy can do this ?

You must be thinking .......
what are you talking about Pearly ?
yes !this morning BBC interview a couple they have something about daddy club
and also
About Bad mothers Club .
The mummy say : men can look after baby well
Can all the men do it or there can't
Can all the men

share the sleepless night to bottle feed the baby or change the baby rock baby to sleep ?
still today lot of the daddy would not do mummy work or the mummy would not let daddy do it ?
In UK most of the men do help to look after kids
most of them even do the cooking and cleaning
I think in Asian men still a men
there wouldn't do it .there will earn lot of money to employ maid for the wife to help around
I think if daddy involve himself to look after the baby from birth, there will have a better born with the child if there do .
also when a dad have a born with a child it make him a very responsible men to the family too.

May be I am wrong....... talking Crab
if so
I am sorry xxxxxx


Moonlight_tears said...

hey there again my Pearly,
this is a very deep post, but I like it. It makes me ponder and reflect about being parents. Some are lucky out there that have family and close relatives that do help out, as for myself, there are only myhusband, son and I, here in Minnesota, my family is still in Msia and my in laws are in Boston. So when my baby was born, gosh it was truly very hard and I know probably you could relate to this. This is when the hubby/daddy comes to play an important role...I am so truly blessed that my hubby is here for me all the time and he is such a good daddy. I should give him credit for doing such a marvelous job. I am happy that you have a great hubby too, I do think that men play an important role to nurture the kid too, however, I have seen some oxy-moronic male chauvinist piggies that doesn't pitch in taking care of the kid/kids or doing house chores because they think that they are superior because the bring home the dough! duh!!! This when the women goes so unappreciated...
So to all the men out there, please do love and cherish your wife, mom, grandma,sister, daughter and all of womankind coz they gave the most but received the least...
Kudos to all of you woman out there!..
Ps. Pearly, kudos to motherhood, it is a very tiring profession but it's so worth it looking and knowing that our kids is growing, learning and loving us everyday. Aww, now I so wanna go kiss my son, he is taking his nap..

Hazel said...

my hubby look after my son also when i have class
hi first time here..

Rose said...

Er, you sure men can look after baby? I think they are very impatient and clumsy around baby. I dont risk my baby with my hubby, as I dont trust him with her! Hahahah!

Btw, Pearly, you got an award from me! check it out!! Congratulations my friend!

janicepa said...

how come my hubby never help geh .?? Wahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
You have some very interesting points there.
First, I never was a Mommy, and can't give personal experiences.
But I think that today, there are many men & women who are sharing their reponsibilites of childcare.
Of course each family is unique...

I look at my quarter in the Paris suburbs. The number of Dad's that are bringing thie kids to school or day care center is high.
In France, fathers can get 2 weeks paid "paternity" leave to help out their wives when they have a baby.
I think thats helpful, especially for the first time Mom's.

At home, my Dad was always holding us and watching over us when he could. He could change diapers or feed,and loved giving the bath to each of us. But,it was usually Mom who did the work because Dad had his job.

That's great that your hubby helps you out :) Good man !

See you soon, my friend.

Dawn said...

Hi there Pearly dear, me like, Barbara, I'm not a mother, but husbands of my coworkers all helped out with their kids - feeding, diaper change, babysit, playtime and ferrying them to and back from school. I think a lot of men now (the Y and X generations) are more into the caring and upbringing of their kids. That's my dua sen! :)

nyonyapenang said...

I remember those days long ago when the MAN brings in the dough...WOMAN cooks, cleans and looks after the kids.

Now, you see men helping out the wives and that's a good thing. :)

Sue said...

Yea..but majority man will not help la..I guess it depends on how they were brought up..

L'abeille said...

Well said! Next time I Zzzzzzz while hubby take care of baby kekekeke

PEARLY said...

Hazel dear ;
you must let your hubby to look after more often , is gud for hubby too .

PEARLY said...

Rose dear :
Baby is belong to the 2 of you , hubby love the baby also the same as you , you must try to let your hubby try , no try how do you know he is not gud ler , no one is prefect my dear xxxxxxxx

PEARLY said...

Jan Jan babe :
This post is specaily for you in fact . cost I know You hubby don't give you lot of helping hand also you have go so many ppl around you to give you a hand should send you and hubby out in UK then the 2 of you will learn HOW to be the Best MUMMY and DADDY

PEARLY said...

my dear Nicole Barbara and Dawn

oh yes I agree with you all . well in Euro men and wife have no choice must help each other cost in the west in law will only help occasion not all the time there for you cost there have their life too .
so men have to help the wife I think is real good thing , I love to see kids goes close to the daddy too .

I like the west kind of life style if I am in Malaysia now . I don't think I could cope with it too having my In law or maid looking after my kids for me . I will truely trust my hubby to look after my kids but I wouldn't trust any other ppl to look after my kids honestly xxxxx have a lovely weekend to my very dear friend

PEARLY said...

nyonyapenang my lovely :
Yes is a very good thing for men to take some care to help look afterhis very own kids so there don't think is a easy job for all the wive also now a day wive also must learn to look after kids more too not having a maid all the time too .

PEARLY said...

sue dear :
In UK most of the Men have make to help there have no choice .
do your hubby help too ?

PEARLY said...

Sharon dear :
Yes you must let hubby help too when you got BB cost is a long day work . is not a east task my dear xxxxxx

winniethepooh said...

no kids yet but then hopefully when we do, 'the one' will hv to help..i definitely wont be able to do it alone. must make sure he say he will help before we hv kids hehehe :) ur derek is a great guy pearly! :)

take care huh!

~ Y@n Y@n ~ said...

my hubby do help me take care of my lil girl...coz when my bb 1st born..the 1st person she saw was my hubby..that's y my lil girl always stick to her this make her daddy feel very impress..and daddy also like to play with her so much :-)

Sweetpea said...

there are yin and yangs in everything. i believe there are good father and bad mothers. too many real life stories not to believe them.

i personally am thankful my hubby can take care of aidan without me worrying, otherwise i wouldn't have a part time job at all! i can go anywhere with my friends without a worry. i have learned not to critisize him when he didn't go a good job, but that he is trying his best.

so, you are not talking crap! :)