Sunday, January 06, 2008

my fry chow mee .... easy cheap and fast

Went in to Tesco on sat and Derek say tonight have something easy
so I walk around saw 2 bag of bean spout for £1.50 AND 2 bag of chow mee £1.50 too
£3.00 meal for a whole family not bad huh .

we having very lated supper
around 8.30pm
cost we have our lunch at 3pm
sat I am very lazy
is my day off
can't be bother to cook
so here

Nicole my dear
here again chili padi
I can't live without


Sue said...

Pearly, you fry the noodles with what sauce or anything else you put in it? Haha..I follow your recipe...

PEARLY said...

hi sue dear :
very easy la
try anything you have leave over from the roast diner or ham or gamon anything you got la ,fry the meat then the bean spout then add the mee fry for few min then add a little of dark soya and fry around mix well add a little sugar and salt and peper and light soya sauce waala serve

Sue said...

Ok ok will try..

Dawn said...

Pearly, your mee really makes me want to go to the Asian store this weekend!! Nothing beats chili padi. The next best thing in the world is sambal belachan - best with fried noodles/rice!!