Monday, February 02, 2009

Oh dear ..... snow storm arrive................................

....... ..... Stephanie suppose to come back from her Spain holiday today but snow is getting very Bad and lot of Airport closed and her flight had been cancel . there no flight for from Santiago tomorrow until Wednesday unless there add extra flight for tomorrow ...
so First time holiday away from us she had the flight cancel and stay another 2 more day :P

Hope everything will be fine by then .xxxx


Rose said...

as in this part of the world, we have heavy rain, flood and rainslide!

Hope Stephanie not stranded and be back soon!

Salt N Turmeric said...

Heard about the snow storm in Europe. Hope she'll get to fly back soon.

pearly said...

hi Rose :
this whole week we will be getting Snow.
this year is not a good year it seem lot of problem all over the world .
steph had safely back home many thank xxxxxxxx

pearly said...

Dear Farina :
thank god she had safely back home for 2 days now .
today we had the snow storm arrive to us , London is clear now with snow .
will I think my kids will have fun time today there all stay in all school closed