Saturday, February 07, 2009

MORE SNOW AND MORE SNOW .....................

Thursday the 5 Feb wake up look at the garden
OMG snow is deep
Radio announce most of school closed
becos the road is real bad
lot of People can't get out their home

as for me

get up went to the kitchen
look out the main road
all the car go so slow .. late I look again
Holy sugar
A crush just outside the main road of our home
lucky no one get hurt

when kids get up and find out no school
woooo there all so happy
is really cold but my kids still want to play out have fun

me and Derek stay in to keep warm with Aden

sun come out is so lovely
every where is pure white
every thing cover with snow

Friday 6 Feb 09
my first day back to work
and radio announce will be another snow storm on it way
I wake up at 6am look out the weather seem OK

Derek going to brig me cos with my little car I dare not drive out the road
just when we just ready to go

holy sugar the snow storm arrive

but Brandon is having fun .

also this snow storm .....
my boy have his way too ....hheeh
guess wat he do this time ??



above picture is today
lot of snow had melt
tomorrow will be bad again
Sunday to Monday
I am not looking forward on Monday to go in to work even I love to go
cos I am not good at all driving on slipper road with snow.

Aden is going to work with me in my little car !:(


Rose said...

Aden is following u to work? Wow! the snow sure look thick and heavy.

Aiyah Nonya said...

Welcome back to work.
I am sure you are looking forward to it.

dawn said...

snow is really pretty after it falls but then it's a pain for commuters. drive slow and if your car has no anti braking system, tap on the brakes. don't jam on it, then you will skid. drive careful and ooopps, welcome back to work! :)

Salt N Turmeric said...

I should have made a snowman when living in Philly! lol.

yes, no snow on monday for you!